Gay Agenda ‘Has Never Been About Gay Rights’

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  August 31, 2015   

It's really about "the destruction of the family, and the imposition of a totalitarian system"

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AGANA, Guam, August 31, 2015 ( - The "gay rights" movement is not about rights; it's really about destroying the family and setting up totalitarian control.

That's what Abp. Anthony Apuron of Guam's Agana archdiocese asserts in a recent post to the archdiocesan website, titled "Guam Marriage Equality Act: A 'Defeat for Our Island and for Humanity.'"

He begins with a reaffirmation of the Church's teaching on marriage from the beginning.

"In the face of recent events undertaken by the U.S. District Court of Guam, the U.S. Supreme Court and the 33rd Guam Legislature in redefining marriage," he assures, "the Church stands firm on Her teaching that marriage is between one man, and one woman."

He insists that those who disagree with the courts' decision are not engaging in "discrimination," though they're often ridiculed for doing just that.

The archbishop adds, "[W]e are living in dangerous times, under the law of man, where Catholics, and Christians alike, are commanded to forfeit our religious beliefs."

He goes on to examine the tactics and motives of the various cultural and political forces behind the increasingly imposing LGBT movement.

These times compel the Church to expose the intentions of those who have deceivingly disguised same-sex unions, as an issue of equality and anti-discrimination. It is important to understand that the political pressure to push the agenda for same-sex "marriage" has never been about gay rights; the true intention behind this agenda has always been about the destruction of the family, and the imposition of a totalitarian system. The approval of same-sex "marriage" has now thrown open the doors of Guam to implement in our community a very clever and systematic theory, which has as its aim the destruction of marriage and family through the annihilation of any sexual differences among persons, this theory is known as the "Theory of Gender."

So-called gender theory is a topic on which Pope Francis has spoken at length, frequently condemning its spread into poorer countries through coercion by more powerful ones.

Further, Abp. Apuron laments, the public debate often reduces either to unquestioned appeals to vague notions of equality or mere charges of bigotry and "discrimination."

"At the political level," he notes, "in order to avoid 'discrimination' among the genders, a principle of 'equality,' or more specifically, a 'radical equality' has been imposed upon society, demanding and forcing society to have a neutral response to gender; any objection is considered not only discriminatory, and intolerant, but bigotry."

The march toward greater acceptance of sexual deviancy, according to Abp. Apuron, will now proceed to indoctrinate children with gender theory in their schools.

The next step will be to implement this theory in the educational system of Guam. This means that our children, your children, will be forced to assimilate to this pattern of non-gender; that there is no such thing as "male" or "female"; they will be encouraged to explore their sexuality earlier, and parents will have no voice in the education of their children. The natural family will be seen as a threat for the "new age." These ideas are already part of an international agenda promoted especially by the United Nations. The laws just passed on our beautiful island, which were disguised to fight against discrimination, will now work to subvert our human sexuality from the most tender age with the goal to abolish the natural family and create new "models" of a family.

Archbishop Apuron doesn't mince words on how threatening the flurry of pro-sodomy laws around the world has been.

"I truly believe we are being led astray like lambs to a slaughter," he states. "In my view, these recent laws are not a sign of human progress, but are dangerous steps toward annihilation of our fundamental religious beliefs."

Reminding people of the eternal stakes at hand, he cautions "every person to be mindful that each of us is answerable to the Supreme Judge for what we do, and do not do."

Finally, he concludes, "I invite all the faithful, including those in every branch of our local government, not to deny your faith, but to have the courage to be a witness to the truth: the truth about life, about man, about marriage and about family. Do not be afraid! Christ is the truth, and the truth will set us free."


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