Gay Author Gaslights to Smear Brave Bishop

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  March 14, 2022   

Catholic Education Service supports fiction with blasphemy, 'child porn'

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SOUTHWARK, England ( - A British writer of homosexual and transgender teen fiction — banned from promoting his books at two Catholic schools last week — is falsely claiming his writings "contain no LGBT content whatsoever." 

Faithful prelate Abp. John Wilson stands for Catholic truth

Psychologists examining Simon James Green's books, however, told Church Militant the author's books contain material verging on child pornography and raises "multiple red flags regarding child protection issues." 

Green's novel Noah Can't Even, which the author says he was going to discuss at the Catholic schools' book-signing event, also contains a blasphemous gay-sex parody of the Lord's Prayer. 

The author and LGBT+ activists are smearing Southwark archbishop John Wilson after he banned Green from publicizing his LGBT+ books at The John Fisher School, Purley and St. John's Primary School, Gravesend.

Wilson fired governors at The John Fisher School after the majority defied a diocesan directive urging the school to cancel Green's book-signing event.

John Fisher's headteacher, P.E. McCullagh, who defied Abp. Wilson and insisted on inviting the LGBT+ author, wrote to parents promoting Green and told them they could buy a book before the event and have it signed by the author.

Pro-Gay Gaslighting

Green gaslit the bishop, denying verifiable facts about his published work.

Gaslighting is a form of manipulative lying in which victims are systematically fed false information causing them to doubt what they know to be true, causing them to doubt their memory, perception and sanity.

There is occasional kissing. That is about as far as it goes.

On Wednesday, Green told i News his novels featured LGBT characters and "soft romance" but "there is nothing LGBT in those books at all." 

"There is occasional kissing. That is about as far as it goes," Green stressed. "There is nothing in there which you wouldn't find in pretty much any young adult novel that's published today."


Attacking his books being questioned as "bigotry and hate," Green tweeted: "Turns out it was the actual chaplain [Fr. James Clark] at the school who emailed all the parents of students due to attend urging them to complain, in a letter which ignorantly suggests being LGBT is a 'lifestyle choice.'" 

He added: "All I do with my books and school events is encourage reading for pleasure, acceptance of difference and celebrate being who we are."

Our Father, who art the gay boy? Noah be his name.

Green's website lists his 11 books, featuring titles such as Heartbreak Boys, Alex in Wonderland and Sleepover, Takeover. Attitude magazine describes his books as "the best friend you wished you had as a shy, gay teen."

Muslims protesting the sexualization of kids in Birmingham

Catholic Kowtowing

On Monday, the Catholic Education Service, an agency of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales chaired by bishop of Leeds Marcus Stock, distanced itself from Abp. Wilson's decision to cancel Green's visit. 

"We are aware and appreciate that Mr. Green has visited other Catholic schools who have not found his visit problematic," a CES spokesperson told i News.

"This isolated incident has given a false impression of the inclusive nature of Catholic schools," it said in a statement Thursday.

Sexually Grooming Kids

However, after reading several pages from Green's books, well-known Muslim psychologist Dr. Kate Godfrey-Fausset told Church Militant such literature "is primarily about sexualizing children and should raise multiple red flags regarding child protection issues."

Dr. Godfrey-Fausset, a leading British campaigner against the LGBT+ indoctrination of children, elaborated: 

The content of these and similar books appears to be targeting young impressionable minds through sexual innuendos and descriptions that form sexual associations in the mind that will inevitably awaken, sexualize, and/or promote sexual curiosity and experimentation. The fact that much of the sexual content and messaging is implied or subliminal makes it no less harmful. 

What is of extreme concern is that in the literature on child sexual abuse, exposing a child or young person to sexually suggestive material and/or talking to them about sexual matters is one of the key stages of grooming. It serves to normalize and desensitize the child or young person to sexual acts in preparation for the final abuse.  

The website Catholic Truth Scotland described the novel Noah Can't Even as "essentially about a teenager seduced by another boy at school and then over the rest of the book confirmed into an identity that he too is in fact 'gay.'" Noah's grandmother affirms his sexual confusion by telling him she "had a dalliance once with a girl called Meredith Southgate."

Exposing a child to sexually suggestive material is one of the key stages of grooming.

"If you want a 'gay coming out story' as a celebration and induction into the fantasy world of LGBT, a world at odds with Catholic morality, try Noah Can't Even," CTS' editor wrote.

Blasphemous Pornography

Church Militant has decided not to publish explicit scenes, including that of an orgasm, from Green's books but to limit the content to Noah's blasphemous parody of the Lord's Prayer being voiced by a teacher in a school assembly [asterisks not contained in the original text]:

Let us pray. Our Father, who art the gay boy? Noah be his name. 
He makes Harry come. He gives him one. On earth as it is in Heaven. ... 
And lead him straight into temptation. Right into a gay bar.
For Noah is a gay boy. Who likes to suck c**k.
For ever and ever. He's gay. 

"OK, sit yourselves down!" said Mr. Baxter, head of year. The year elevens all shuffled back into their seats. Noah despondently plopped back down, straight on to a banana that the hilarious occupants of the row behind had placed on his seat during the prayer. "Awww – right up his a**e!" said one of the lads. (It wasn't.) "He loves it!" said another. (He didn't.) "Oh, Harry! Do it to me!" sighed a girl. (Not a phrase he would ever use. He wasn't a porn star with no class).

Sexualizing kids: LGBT+ fiction author Simon James Green

Dr. Godfrey-Fausset told Church Militant if the sexual descriptions — both implicit and explicit — in the book "were shown by adults to children in the form of imagery, then those producing and providing such content would most likely be accused of child pornography." 

"The fact that such content is disseminated under the guise of teen literature must not distract from, nor legitimize, the underlying sexualizing messages and potential for harm that could be caused to the young people it is targeting," the psychologist warned.

In an independent analysis, eminent sex historian Dr. Lisa Nolland explained to Church Militant how Green's writings "features and foregrounds sex by turning the volume up and ignoring the massive downsides."

Dr. Nolland, also a leading campaigner against sexualization of schoolchildren, elaborated:

Simon James Green's LGBTQ+ teen fiction appalls. No youngster ought to be "exploring" their sexuality in ways graphically described by Green, who is apparently ignorant of the biology, physiology and public health aspects of both teen sex and MSM [men who have sex with men] statistics. 

Adolescent psychiatrist Miriam Grossman notes how we are teaching our young people they can safely play with fire, while the offices of doctors and therapists are filled by those who have been burned, inside and out. Shame on you Simon Green! All kids deserve better!

Meanwhile, an online petition launched by private tutor Amy Butler Kemp is pressurizing Abp. Wilson to reinstate the sacked governors by citing Green's false claims that "there is nothing LGBT in those books at all."

This isolated incident has given a false impression of the inclusive nature of Catholic schools.

"I am LGBTQ, I am a Catholic, I am an educator. This cannot stand," wrote signatory Sara Ann Hope. 

Slamming the archdiocesan decision for having "caved in to the Catholic Taliban," lay Carmelite and "gay Catholic" Johan Bergström-Allen, who displays his "gender pronouns" in his Twitter bio, told Green: "Thanks for what you do through your writing."

The John Fisher School's pro-LGBT+ headteacher P. E. McCullagh

Church Caving to Anti-Catholic Curriculum

Church Militant contacted Catholic Education Service's Communications Manager James Spencer with the text of the homosexualized Lord's Prayer and analyses from Dr. Godfrey-Fausset and Dr. Nolland asking why CES was endorsing explicitly anti-Catholic material. 

"Please explain why you as chairman of a Catholic body would support children being exposed to books that contain such blasphemous pornography," Church Militant asked Bp. Marcus Stock but received no response as of press time. 

In 2019, CES endorsed the government's Relationships and Sex Education laws overriding parental rights and normalizing same-sex marriage and transgenderism for children as young as 4, despite protests from Christian, Jewish and Muslim parents.

"Publications from the CES, endorsed by the bishops, reveal a Church establishment that has very much embraced the LGBT agenda and wants children in Catholic schools to be educated according to this anti-Christian ideology," Dr. Tom Rogers, education consultant for Safe at School, concluded in a three-part series of articles in 2021.

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