Gay Lobby Demonizes Reparative Therapy

by Anita Carey  •  •  July 17, 2017   

"If they can change, then they don't need civil rights"

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DETROIT ( - Under the guise of helping children, the gay lobby is bringing lawsuits against therapists, addressing people's desire to eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions.

A new lawsuit filed last week in California by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) alleges Lloyd Willey, a licensed marriage and family therapist, committed fraud by helping Katherine McCobb to deal with her same-sex attractions (SSA). The lawsuit includes erroneous statements that the American Psychological Association has discredited therapy for same-sex attraction, when the organization itself claims that SSA is not inborn and does change.

Church Militant spoke with David Pickup, a licensed psychotherapist, who is calling the ban on reparative therapy "an egregious violation of so many rights." Reparative therapy seeks to heal people of unwanted same-sex attractions and is currently banned in five states, with that number growing yearly.

Pickup says that "making it illegal to receive reparative therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions, even if it is caused by pedophilia, would be victimizing the child twice."

Pickup told Church Militant that same-sex attraction is "many times created by sexual abuse by an adult or older teen. Once the wounds are resolved or healed, the homosexual feelings lessen and dissipate." He explained that clients are "never coerced or shamed," and the first priority of authentic reparative therapy is "eliminating shame for having homosexual feelings."

Pickup has been a therapist for 10 years and was trained under the late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a pioneer in the field of reparative therapy. Pickup has found that with the "deep emotional work" of psychodynamic therapy — the standard of care for all therapy — his clients' self-esteem increases as does their heterosexual identity. One client told him, "I feel more whole."

Dr. Laura Haynes, a psychologist and Christian marriage counselor, agrees, saying "it is premature to ban" reparative therapy. She notes the political agenda for gay rights will crumble if it is proven that reparative therapy works and homosexuality is not an inborn trait. "If people benefit from therapy, then it implies they were sick. If they can change, then they don't need civil rights," she says.

It also removes the right of parents to do what is best for their child in blind obedience to some political agenda.

Dr. David Foster, the executive director of Mastering Life Ministries and Pure Passion Media, a Christian-based ministry that helps people to discover God's plan for healthy human sexuality, also disagrees with the ban. He told Church Militant that reparative therapy

removes the right of therapists to do what is right for the counselee and to help them in the way they request — a key historical component to the manifesto of the counseling profession. It also removes the right of parents to do what is best for their child in blind obedience to some political agenda.

He notes the ban will "squelch any research," saying "it is totalitarian, repressive and anti-intellectual and strikes at the heart of the foundations of science." He also says that "it demonstrates a callous disregard for the damage that has been done to the very people that it pretends to protect."


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