Gay Pride: Force Fed on Americans

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by Church Militant  •  •  June 5, 2019   

A priest weighs in with his observations

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By Fr. Paul John Kalchik

Recently, being under the weather but not too sick, I decided to take a short walk to the local health food store a couple of blocks from my residence in the small community in which I am currently staying, and like almost all communities in our country these days, many people were getting ready for the local gay pride parade scheduled to take place later in the day. It was a gloriously wonderful late spring day, and the lilacs were in their full glory, scenting the air lightly.

I took a few photos to commemorate my walk to the store and record the beauty of this late spring day. And having my smartphone in hand after taking multiple shots of various flora on my walk to the business district, I came around the corner to the health food store — and what presented itself to me, in addition to taking my breath away, just floored me.

You do feel ashamed when you see fellow humans acting shamefully.

What shocked me were two mid-twenties women, topless — except for the gay pride flags they sported as capes to cover their backs. Both women were too busy playing with their gay pride capes trying to catch the morning breeze to even notice me with my mouth agape trying to get to the front door of the store. Nor were they aware of the two male employees standing inside the store gaping at them through the glass windows.

The word "odd" just does not cover what I felt or what was transpiring. The smartphone I had held just a moment previously I quietly slipped into my pocket, and flushing an embarrassed pink from head to toe, I darted past the two topless pride queens into the store.

The one male store employee asked me pointedly (all these two guys could see from inside the store were the capes that covered the women's backsides), "So, Mister, is the full frontal worth a look?"

My response was both sincere and spontaneous; "I don't know, I've never felt so ashamed! I was enjoying the spring day, until I came out of the alley to see these two, prancing about like some infants who escaped from their mom on bath day to romp in the yard!"

You do feel ashamed when you see fellow humans acting shamefully.

The three of us guffawed, more than just a little, but we could not decide whether the topless ladies were good or bad for business. And one remarked, "And to think the parade does not begin until this afternoon!"

All kidding aside, later that Saturday afternoon, when I was back at my residence, I came across Bp. Thomas Tobin's tweet, in which he stated how bad these "Pride" festivities are for the youth and for the faithful in general — and I could not agree more!

Far from being some benign celebration of homosexuality, they are, frankly, demonic. All you need to see is a few snippets from a typical pride parade, which often include simulated sex acts and a mocking of clergy and nuns. Archbishop Fulton Sheen said "love of nudity" is a sign of the devil's presence.

Sadly, with how crazy things have become in our devolving society, the occult and gay pride have become mainstays in almost all communities across our country. I could not help but notice how almost every store on the business strip sported a gay pride flag in anticipation of the afternoon parade.

On my return trip home, darting into the local drug store, part of a national chain, I asked one of the employees: "What's with the gay pride flag in the entrance?" And the employee far removed from the national drug store chain's main headquarters said, "Oh, it's a business thing, we want to make the gays feel welcome." Again, sheepishly on my part, I parroted back his words in response, "Oh, it's a business thing!"

And in fact, I have to think that for most of American companies, the promotion and full-scale adoption of everything gay is a business thing. The cause célèbre is just pandering to the gay community to make a few bucks. Gay sex is a clear violation of God's natural law and a clearly defined sin in Sacred Scripture, as well as in our Sacred Tradition as Catholics.

Businesses are looking to their bottom line, and those who disagree are afraid to speak up or find it too inconvenient to boycott.

But, if you read any of their printed paraphernalia, littering the drug store's entrance, "It's all about Stonewall and gay rights!"

Businesses are looking to their bottom line, and those who disagree are afraid to speak up or find it too inconvenient to boycott.

The next day, I decided to check out Stonewall for myself, and one of the articles I pulled up was Wikipedia's write-up. And of all the articles I have read about a historical event — and I have read many over the years — I have never read such a propaganda piece. This article could easily have been summed up in one sentence: A violent riot broke out at a Lower East Side New York City dive and is used to push everything gay on mainstream America ever since.

The gay agenda is being force-fed upon America and the world in general, using propaganda full of lies, and no acknowledgment of the harm done to those practicing this lifestyle. "But it's all for a good cause." No, it is not! I agree with Bp. Tobin 100%, and I hold no doubts.

To learn more, listen to former homosexual Joseph Sciambra speak with Michael Voris, or view this comprehensive article about the health problems related to gay sex.

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