Gays Want Burke Dumped

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  March 31, 2020   

Pro-gay group triggered by call to holiness

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A leading homosexual activist is calling on Pope Francis to remove Cdl. Raymond Burke immediately from public ministry.

Francis DeBernardo, Executive Director of the pro-LGBTQ New Ways Ministry, was triggered by a video and letter from His Eminence addressing the Wuhan virus and a Catholic response.

Burke says today's culture has strayed from God, citing abortion, violence and attacks on human sexuality such as so-called gender theory.

In response, the activist fake-Catholic homosexual said Burke's comments "only incite desperate people seeking an 'enemy' behind the virus to perpetrate acts of violence toward LGBTQ people."

Janet Smith, Professor Emeritus of Moral Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, responded to New Ways Ministry, explaining Burke did not even refer to LGBTQ people, let alone blame them for the pandemic.

Burke's main message was actually on the importance of prayer, especially during this pandemic.

Burke: "The fact of the matter is that prayer and worship of God alone will win the victory for us in this great crisis."

The cardinal encouraged Catholics not to lose heart, and provided them with two powerful devotions.

Burke: "Pray as fervently as you can at home, making acts of spiritual communion; also, praying the Holy Rosary, which in the history of the Church has been a most powerful tool in fighting war and famine and pestilence."

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