Canadian Students Protest Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

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by David Nussman  •  •  November 22, 2017   

Students, parents push back against change

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DETROIT ( - Students at a high school in Canada are pushing back against new gender-neutral bathrooms. 

Sturgeon Composite High School converted most of its bathrooms to gender-neutral over summer break. Pairs of boys' and girls' washrooms were changed into gender-neutral washrooms. 

After backlash from parents and students, school trustees are scheduled to vote on the issue Wednesday afternoon. Already as of Monday, one of the gender-neutral facilities was reverted to a boys' bathroom and a girls' bathroom. 

Church Militant asked the school for more information on the bathroom debacle. A spokesperson for the school wrote back, "The Gender-Neutral Washrooms is an item on the Board Agenda and our next Public Board meeting takes place today at 4:30 pm in our division office at 9820 – 104 Street, Morinville AB." 

Earlier this school year, 11th-grader Evan Gabbey noted the discomfort among fellow students, and started a petition against the gender-neutral restrooms. He told Global News, "I alone had 112 signatures. The only reason I couldn't get more was I ran out of forms, I couldn't get enough." 

I alone had 112 signatures. The only reason I couldn't get more was I ran out of forms, I couldn't get enough.

In the same interview, Gabbey slammed the school's decision to radically alter many of its restroom facilities: 

You don't see those anywhere. You don't see those in restaurants, you don't see them in government offices, you don't see them anywhere, yet we throw them into our schools and assume it's just fine. I don't know whose idea this was but it wasn't a very good one.

Concerned parents created a Facebook group about the issue, called "SCHS Washroom Fiasco." The group's description claims that most students have no interest in using the gender-neutral restrooms: "The school has just under 700 students. These students are trying to access 3 male/3 female washrooms located at the far end of the school by the offices. The result is long lines, discomfort waiting and being late for class." 

Many of the students and parents seem less concerned about ideological implications and more perturbed by the idea of using the toilet with a member of the opposite sex in the next stall. 

--- Campaign 32076 ---

The Facebook group notes, "It needs to be noted that the students and parents of this initiative are not against gender neutral bathrooms but rather the way they were implemented. Gender neutral washrooms as found in public are almost always a single self-contained room, locking door, and hallway access."

This is one of several ongoing debates in Canada over gender ideology in the education system.

Earlier this month in Ontario, a teaching assistant (TA) at Wilfrid Laurier University faced a virtual inquisition from faculty for not being loyal enough to gender ideology. She gave tutorials to "first-years" (the new gender-neutral term for "freshmen") about gender-neutral pronouns and featured a YouTube video in which professor Jordan Peterson spoke in opposition to the new pronouns. 

The TA and graduate student, Lindsay Shepherd, was relentlessly questioned and examined by the professors in her department. She secretly recorded the meeting and can be heard breaking down into tears as her superiors drill her on "transphobia," "gender violence" and political correctness. 

On Tuesday, Wilfrid Laurier University issued a formal apology for the way that Shepherd was treated. She was glad to see the apology but added that she wants to see actual policy changes to prevent this type of thing from happening in the future. 

The head of the leftist inquisition, assistant professor in the communications department Nathan Rambukkana, also issued a public apology to Shepherd. He admits he came short of being her "mentor" and fell into "an 'us versus them' habit of thought." Rambukkana writes in peer-reviewed academic journals about social media usage and race relations. He devotes special attention to sadomasochism and the growing phenomenon of "polyamory" — which he sometimes calls "non-monagomy." 


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