German Bishops and Pedophilia

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  May 24, 2021   

Where does the Synodal Way lead?

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It's controversy after controversy with the German bishops' so-called Synodal Way. The latest stems from an upcoming presentation that cites an author connected to pedophilia. Church Militant's William Mahoney looks into the war brewing between a parents' association and the German bishops. Viewer discretion is advised.

In an open letter last Wednesday to the German Bishops' Conference, EV — a voluntary association of parents — called on the bishops to discard a position paper that cites Uwe Sielert.

Sielert is a retired professor who was preoccupied with sexual pedagogy and sexual education, co-authoring books like Sexuality and Gender in an Immigration Country.

The retired German professor is known mostly for postulating that, in his own words, "heterosexuality, nuclear family and generativity are to be denaturalized."

And he pushes for children to engage in sexual exploration, as evidenced in his book Lisa und Jan, replete with graphic illustrations of children doing just that.

The German association of parents thus notes, "This form of 'sexual education' is clearly a pedophile approach."

The parents also spotlight Sielert's connection to the pedo-criminal, Helmut Kentler, whose theories shaped Sielert's thinking, and whom, in fact, Sielert calls a "fatherly friend," an interesting designation considering one of Kentler's books, Loan Fathers: Children Need Fathers.

In that book, Kentler openly wrote about how he deliberately sent children to pedophiles he knew as part of his experimentation.

While groups like the Humanist Union paid tribute to Kentler upon his death, most commentators explain Kentler's research was a ruse to provide a network of pedophiles with children.

Hedwig Von Beverfoerde: "Kentler was part of a huge network of pedophile lobbyists, homosexuals, left-wing parties, children's rights groups and sexologists who permitted and justified the organized abuse of children and adolescents for decades."

But despite all this, the German Bishops' Conference is defending its position paper that cites Sielert, claiming Sielert distanced himself from Kentler a long time ago.

The 16-page paper, "Position Paper on the Organization of Prevention of Sexualized Violence and Sexual Education," is slated for presentation at a forum called "Living in Successful Relationships."

That forum is part of the German Church's so-called "Synodal Way," an effort to undermine immutable Church teaching on a slew of topics from women's ordination to homosexuality.

Whether Sielert distanced himself from Kentler or not is irrelevant; Sielert's own work contradicts Church teaching plenty.

With this latest battle over citing pedophile-friendly authors, one wonders what's at the end of the Synodal Way.

This comes as the German Church is reeling over the Vatican's rejection of blessing same-sex couples, with many clergy "blessing" the unions in public defiance.

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