‘Giant Whose Shoulders We Stand On’

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by Martina Moyski  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 17, 2021   

Stephen Brady speaks on corruption

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BALTIMORE (ChurchMilitant.com) - A high point of Church Militant's star-studded "Bishops: Enough Is Enough" prayer rally in Baltimore was the rousing afternoon presentation by a well-known whistleblower on clergy corruption.

Stephen Brady

Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) addressed faithful Catholics gathered on Tuesday afternoon in the outdoor MECU Pavillion while over 300 active and retired U.S. bishops held their biannual meeting a stone's throw away in the swanky Marriott Waterfront Hotel.

Brady began with levity: "I told Michael [Voris] my speech was 10 hours long, and he told me to talk fast." But Brady quickly adopted a serious tone.

"Pity those guys over there," he implored, referring to the bishops, "and pray for them."

Brady's plea for prayer, however, didn't let the bishops off the hook.

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"The greatest evil is the evil done by the men who claim to represent Jesus Christ," Brady related regarding the bishops' multifaceted corruption. "They mock our Savior and our Lord."

Cdl. Wilton Gregory

"They hate you," Brady declared. "They hate themselves. They hate each other."

Referring to Washington Cdl. Wilton Gregory's permitting abortion-promoting Joe Biden to receive Holy Communion, he reasoned: "The pope hates Gregory. The pope allowed Gregory to lead Biden down the path of Hell. It's not an act of charity to allow one's neighbor to [go] headlong into Hell."

"The terrible society we live in was created by the Catholic hierarchy," the Catholic warrior asserted. "They hate Jesus Christ."

The pope allowed Gregory to lead Biden down the path of Hell.

Deeply impressed with the get-your-hands-dirty grassroots work Brady has done for decades to protect Holy Mother Church, rally emcee Milo Yiannopoulos introduced him as "the giant whose shoulders we stand on."

Brady also discussed the financial malfeasance of the prelates, warming up the audience on the cold November day with a heads-up about the release of information regarding a multibillion-dollar financial scandal involving the Holy Land. Major players, Brady noted, include the Vatican and China. He urged attendees to stay tuned to Church Militant and his RCF website for further revelations.

RCF, according to its website, is "simply what our name states: we are Catholics who are faithful to the teachings of the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church." The organization draws assistance from priests, religious, laymen, investigators and attorneys who want to aid in ridding the Church of clerical corruption, whether sexual or financial — all with a common goal of "fight[ing] actively and spiritually to restore Holy Mother Church."

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According to RFC, although the lack of Catholic leadership brought about the destruction of the Church and society, members believe in publicizing the work of the bishops who choose to stand tall.

Brady's mission developed organically. While in Petersburg, Illinois, in 1994, he noticed "eucharistic ministers" and others in roles of authority teaching children to use condoms, a big violation of the Church's teachings. Neither the pastor of the parish nor the bishop of the diocese would meet with him to address his concerns. But the churchmen's omission served as the impetus for Brady's intensified service of God.

Since that time, Brady has led efforts to protect the family. At speaking engagements throughout the country, he urges fathers to defend and protect their families from the immoral teachings and bad examples of corrupt bishops and priests. He has repeatedly noted that "the biggest danger to your child's faith is the Catholic hierarchy."

He urges fathers to defend their families from the immoral teachings of corrupt bishops and priests.

Brady has been exposing homoclerical corruption longer than almost anyone, taking on the destroyers of the Faith in various dioceses throughout the country, including in ChicagoLos Angeles and Fresno. To defend himself and Mother Church, Brady has spent thousands of dollars in legal fees — even mortgaging his home and wiping out his life savings.

The longtime activist challenged the rally attendees to "mock the Devil," a strategy he had learned from an exorcist. To that end, he urged attendees to do whatever they could to make the bishops aware of their own moral failings so they might be saved from Hell.


Baltimore City Solicitor James Shea (left)

Church Militant's attorney Marc Randazza (right)

Church Militant fought an uphill battle to hold the "Enough Is Enough" prayer rally. Baltimore City Solicitor James Shea abruptly canceled the rally in August, groundlessly citing fears of "violence." But justice prevailed with the help of Church Militant's attorney Marc Randazza (plus hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and innumerable prayers).

Federal district judge Ellen Lipton Hollander, protecting the First Amendment, ruled the city of Baltimore "shall not prohibit or impede SMG [the company that manages the venue] from entering into a contract with St. Michael's for plaintiff's use of the MECU Pavilion for its planned rally on Nov. 16, 2021."

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