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by Trey Blanton  •  •  March 25, 2021   

Pope and media ignore threat

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Al-Naba, a popular magazine among authentic followers of Muhammad, is calling Pope Francis' visit to Iraq a "crusade."

In the article, Francis is described as an "idolater" eight times, not because he allowed reverencing of the controversial Pachamama, but because that's how they view all Christians. The jihadists further claim Francis is attempting to apostatize Muslims from their beliefs.

Church Militant's Rome correspondent has investigated the Muslim threat and the various reactions. Jules Gomes says, "The Vatican has not responded at all. And it is quite shocking because this is a very serious story. It's a huge threat to the lives of our brothers and sisters, Catholics and other Christian denominations out there."

Al-Naba proliferates its jihadist message in magazines worldwide, easily accessible to Muslims and interested researchers alike.

Gomes continues, "There's huge theological significance behind the name, which I won't get into now, but this magazine was very sophisticated."

Closer to home, mainstream media also ignores Islam as a motive behind attacks. For instance, in the Boulder, Colorado shooting on Monday, Leftists quickly assumed the shooter was white.

Gomes comments on the media, saying, "The Marxist media has not wanted to deal with this hot potato. However, there are peer-reviewed journals, a few of them, that deal with this issue. And there have been in-depth analyses done."

Leftists ignore the danger that Islam poses, but hyper-focus on stripping the right to bear arms from innocent citizens. Joe Biden outright says, "We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines."

But Gomes warns the danger from Islam is real: "In a camp, in Iraq — their women are being trained as ISIS militants. And they're not particularly young women: middle-aged women. But the world simply does not want to see this. And we will regretfully wake up when it is too late."

Muhammad began his so-called religion with the sword. His followers today and tomorrow would see Christianity end with the sword.

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