Globalists Behind Closed Doors

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  June 16, 2022   

Secret plans unfolding?

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Three groups of global elites have convened in just the past month.

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb turns a spotlight on globalists and what they're planning for the rest of us.

1954 Bilderberg participant: "Your highness, gentlemen, I think I should say frankly, we in the United States feel a sense of insecurity for perhaps the first time in our history."

This, from an audio recording of the Bilderberg Group's first meeting in 1954, revealing America's post-war worry that Europe's lack of political unity, in the face of communist expansion, could ultimately threaten America.

That was the original intention: to guard against the red specter.

But 68 years later, Bilderberg has become one of the most secretive, exclusive and elite organizations in the world.

It convened in early June for the first time since COVID broke out in 2020.

Just a week before, in May, both the World Economic Forum and the U.N.'s World Health Assembly met in Europe to extensive media coverage. But Bilderberg managed to escape similar scrutiny.

James Corbett, independent investigator: "It's because they didn't put out the announcement until the meeting was already underway. And there was no pre-announcement or pre-speculation about this that I saw anywhere, even in the independent media." 

Bilderberg's global summits have been the subject of considerable speculation, sometimes called conspiracy theories.

Russell Brand, actor and YouTuber: "When I hear the words 'elite global summit,' I think, 'That might not be the best solution to the world's problems because I think elite global summits cause all these problems.'"  

But serious political analysts have expressed concern about Bilderberg.

Catholic political activist Phyllis Schlafly published a landmark book in 1964 titled A Choice Not an Echo.

In it, she made these prophetic observations about Bilderberg and other global elite organizations:

  • Secret groups of highly placed individuals exist and make plans they don't reveal to the public
  • These secret meetings are weighted in favor of liberal foreigners and American corporate elitists to the exclusion of those with a pro-American viewpoint
  • Any Republicans attending are of the liberal "me too" variety
  • Me-too Republicans have a close social and financial relationship with top left-wing Democrats.

Former President Harry S. Truman (1951): "Our homes, our nation, all the things we believe in are in great danger."

As the world faces multiple crises  — COVID, looming war, collapsing world economies — could it be the long-term planning of these secret societies is now unfolding?

Bilderberg may be repenting of its secretive ways. Find it on the web at

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