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by Samuel McCarthy  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 6, 2023   

Hungarian prelate blasts Masonic agenda

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BUDAPEST, Hungary (ChurchMilitant.com) - A retired Hungarian archbishop is lambasting globalism, Masonic ideals and Germany's errant Synodal Way.

Abp. Gyula Márfi

In a sprawling interview, the archbishop emeritus of Veszprém, Gyula Márfi, spoke last week on a number of theological and cultural topics, with a particular focus on defending Europe's Christian foundation against Masonic globalism.

"The goal of the Freemasons is to 'liberate' Europe from Christianity. To achieve this, they are willing to use all means," he said.

The former archbishop began by noting the European Union's incessant efforts to eradicate Christianity from the culture. "One of the most striking signs of the European Union's anti-Christianity," he said, "is that its constitution did not mention Europe's Christian roots. They write about Greco-Roman traditions and the Enlightenment, but not about Christianity. Yet ancient culture and art survived thanks to Christians."

Márfi lamented the ongoing war on Christmas, seeing it as a sure sign of a culture soon to be cut from its Christian roots. Although Márfi specifically cited a 2016 incident in which the European Commission's calendar for that year named major holidays for most religions but intentionally omitted Christmas, the war on Christmas across the globe has escalated as of late. Just over the past few months, Satanists in Mexico announced an "anti-birth" of Christ as the Mexican government prepared to ban nativity scenes, certain British government departments forbid Christmas parties and nativity scenes were vandalized and even burned.

Freemasons and Muslims are joining forces to make Christianity disappear from Europe.

This suppression of Christianity is only one of many tactics employed by Masonic leftists, Márfi contended. Another tactic is political globalism, replete with mass migration.

"Today," the prelate declared, "Freemasons and Muslims are joining forces to make Christianity disappear from Europe. ... I hope that their plan will not be successful."

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He decried the onslaught of Muslim immigration into Europe, claiming leftists have been orchestrating the mass diaspora in an effort to physically eliminate Christians and Christianity from the continent. He compared the unlikely alliance to the Jews joining forces with their "mortal enemy," Pontius Pilate, in their desire to kill Christ.

But the retired prelate predicted that, by opening the door to Islam, the leftists will inadvertently destroy not just Christianity, but also themselves: "Islam will never accept their liberal principles."

Márfi continued to point out the errors of globalist thought, especially where immigration and so-called multiculturalism are concerned:

In Europe, diversity is needed in addition to unity, but there is no need for multiculturalism! ... In a multicultural, mixed society, the individual loses his own identity, sense of identity, culture, faith, language, practically everything. It becomes easy to manipulate, which is ideal for the big capitalists of the world, who want to turn the whole Earth into a huge collective farm, where there are no ethnic, national and religious identities, only obedient workers and consumers manufactured according to standards.

But more dangerous than the Islamic influx and multiculturalism, Márfi stated, is the rampant LGBTQ ideology dominating the culture.

"[A]lthough as Christians we should not condemn homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgender people," he said, "creating a cult for them is a mortal sin, which also goes against the laws of nature."

He mourned the prevalence of gay "marriage" in Europe and warned against the European Union's obsessive promotion of it.

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The European Union has long been at odds with Hungary's current government over LGBTQ issues, even taking legal action against the Eastern European nation last year for refusing to recognize gay couples as married.

Finally, the Hungarian prelate offered his thoughts on Germany's increasingly dissident Synodal Way:

The situation of the German church is truly catastrophic. According to them, it is not important whether Jesus was really born or not, the point is that "he should be born in you!" Don't ask if he rose from the dead or not, "may he rise in you!" Don't care about if there is heaven or not, the point is "create it around you!" This is all absurd.

Márfi particularly condemned the German Church's push to normalize homosexuality, blasting the broad-scale blessing of same-sex couples last year and the year before.

"This is no longer Christianity," he said, "it is anti-Christ."

The bold bishop encouraged the faithful to hold true to Holy Catholic Church and her teachings, even — or perhaps especially — in the face of the globalist, Masonic, anti-Christian onslaught. "We have to hold on to our faith very strongly," he exhorted. "[W]e have to take faith seriously because it is possible to become unworthy of any mission."

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