Grooming 101 at St. Norbert College

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by Al Lumnus  •  •  May 5, 2022   

Sexual perversion and pseudo-theology

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Back in the day, when a college student blew off registering for next semester's classes until the last minute, he would get stuck with the hardest and most boring teachers. Now, he gets the groomer.

St. Norbert College

My son will soon be a junior at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin, a "Catholic" school. He has one more theology class to take to fulfill the school's required "Catholic Imagination Core," which examines Catholic intellectual tradition and its connection with the worlds of art, literature and science.

After his last theology course (during which he was taught that it's important to think of Jesus Christ as a woman named Christa — or at least as a kind of proto-George Floyd), he felt unmotivated to sign up for another. Thus, by the time he registered, the only remaining option was "Queer Theology."
 The syllabus describes the class this way:

Queer theology is not — or at least is not only — theology told from the perspective of LGBTQ+ people. When properly understood, queer theology is a revolutionary frontier in our thinking. ... Course participants will explore the contours of this revolution and will ask foundational questions in Christian theology anew. Who is God? Who is Jesus? How should we think of the Church? ... How do queer identities and sexual practices reveal new frontiers in Christian ethics? How can queer ritual practices revitalize Christianity?

Needless to say, I forbade my son from taking the course — but he didn't need me to tell him. He's not taking it and, apparently, neither are many of his classmates. However, as a result of not fulfilling the theology requirement, he will need to waste his January break taking a less-infernal theology class (if one is offered) or graduate a semester late.

This is straight-up satanism.

The broader issue, though, is why "Queer Theology" is a part of the St. Norbert curriculum at all. This theology is straight-up satanism, as per British satanist Aleister Crowley, who said, "'Do what thou wilt' shall be the whole of the law." If deviant sexual practices and rituals can "reveal new frontiers in Christian ethics" and "revitalize Christianity," so can any kind of sin. Don't think that point is lost on impressionable college kids.


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This, of course, is the entire point of the LGBT movement — the destruction of all moral restraints. Queer identities and sexual practices cannot "reveal new frontiers in Christian ethics" because the embrace and practice of mortal sin is intrinsically immoral. "Queer ritual practices" cannot revitalize Christianity any more than heterosexual sex outside of marriage can. What those behaviors can do is lead those participating to Hell.

Dr. Craig A. Ford, Jr.

Not surprisingly, the instructor for this course, Dr. Craig A. Ford, Jr., is regularly highlighted by New Ways Ministry — you know, the gay "Catholic" ministry formally condemned by the U.S. bishops (sometimes they get it right). Ford is young, Black and openly gay and thus a rapidly rising star in the Fr. James Martin sect of the Church.

Let's all pray for Dr. Ford's conversion. In the meantime, I demand that St. Norbert College keep him away from my son and his classmates, not just physically, but academically. This man is a purveyor of spiritual toxins and, in hiring, paying and retaining him, so is St. Norbert College.

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