Habitat Cohabitation

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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 7, 2018   

A former regional board member at Habitat for Humanity left the organization because he objected to helping unmarried couples live together

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A Christian non-profit is being accused of supporting cohabitation. 

Habitat for Humanity is an international charity that builds affordable houses for the less fortunate. But one Catholic says he left the organization because it was helping couples live together out of wedlock.

The anonymous source said he used to be a board member at a regional Habitat office but resigned because it went against his beliefs. He said: 

I resigned as a board member of my local Habitat for Humanity when I discovered they were putting unmarried people into homes. In fact, it is the national office policy that any local affiliate will be cut off if they refuse to consider unmarried [couples] for the homes constructed. But that seems wrong and opposed to Catholic morality. 

Church Militant contacted Habitat for Humanity. A spokesman said the government requires that they not discriminate based on marital status.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas donate thousands of dollars annually to Habitat. Other Catholic groups — like the Knights of Columbus — often donate to Habitat on the local level. 

When new homeowners are ready to move in, Habitat presents them with house-keys and a Bible.

Former US President Jimmy Carter, in an interview with Associated Press about volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, said "[W]hen we give a Bible and the keys to the house, you know, everybody cries."

Many Catholic parishes and dioceses partner with Habitat for community service, and Habitat describes itself officially as Christian.


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