Global Day of Jihad on Friday, Oct. 13

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by Church Militant  •  •  October 12, 2023   

Hamas calls for 'a message of rage to Zionists and to America'

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DOHA, Qatar ( - The Palestinian Hamas terror group is calling on Muslims worldwide to stage a "Day of Jihad," or holy war, on Friday, Oct. 13.

Hamas is referring to the day as "Al-Aqsa Flood" Friday, the name of the operation in which it murdered more than 1,200 Israelis, wounded roughly 3,000, and kidnapped over 100 just days ago.

In an Oct. 10 statement, the terror group issued a statement, calling on Muslims in and outside of Palestine to join the jihad:

From the fortress of resistance and pride in the Gaza Strip, from its steadfast people, men, women, children, and elders, who defy the occupation, and from its minarets, chambers, and mosques, which are subjected to the heinous aggression of the Zionist war machine, we send this call to the free sons and daughters of our Arab and Islamic nation across the world.

Former Hamas leader Khaled Mashal also directed Muslims throughout the world to support the jihad. In a video posted on X, he exhorted followers: "We should take to the streets and city squares in Arab and Islamic cities everywhere where there are Islamic communities."

In another posting dated Oct. 11, Mashal said that "the proposed day of anger" will send "a message of rage to Zionists and to America." 

The call to Muslims worldwide to the day of rage is leaving many non-Muslims around the world wondering what will happen or how to prepare. One X post reads

Evil Hamas leaders calling for Jihad on the entire world Friday, Oct. 13. All who are unarmed, find a way to keep safe. All who are armed, be prepared no matter where you may go tomorrow. Protect yourself & others if you can.

Others are looking to the Biden administration for guidance but to no avail. "What is Biden doing about this? NOTHING!" another posted.

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