Pro-Life Leader Endorses Trump

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  September 14, 2016   

Troy Newman: "Trump offers our best hope of pushing back the culture of death"

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WICHITA ( - The head of Operation Rescue, a prominent pro-life group, is endorsing Donald Trump for president.

Troy Newman, who himself is endorsed by Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, is saying Trump offers the "best hope" of resisting abortion in contrast with Hillary Clinton, whom he says will expand abortion if she becomes president.

Newman, a former supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz, after studying Trump for several months is now endorsing his bid for the Oval Office.

After examining Trump's position on life issues and his assurances that he will appoint conservative, pro-life justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, I am convinced that Trump offers our best hope of pushing back the Culture of Death in America. … Trump has promised to stand strongly for life and appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.

In an interview this week, Newman, a leading pro-life activist, speaker and author, told he appreciates the hesitancy some pro-lifers express in supporting Trump but advises against writing in the name of a candidate who has only a slight chance of winning, or opting out of voting altogether.

"We know all too well what we will get with Hillary Clinton, and that is more abortion, more tax funding of abortion, and favors for her campaign contributors at Planned Parenthood," Newman remarked. "A Clinton presidency will result in more dead babies, and this we cannot allow."

At a conference last month in Rome, Cdl. Raymond Burke, appointed patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta by Pope Francis, also warned disgruntled voters of the dangerous results of not voting, or of writing in the name of a dark horse candidate.

"I understand these sentiments very well," he commented. "But one also has to be very prudent, and know that by not voting at all you are probably favoring one candidate or another. The moral weight to voting is indeed very heavy. In other words, every vote counts."

Newman believes America is "at a crossroads" and would be radically and permanently changed under Clinton. "Her rabid support for abortion without restriction will create a climate that will make it nearly impossible for us to end the shedding of innocent blood through abortion once and for all," he said.

Although Cdl. Burke didn't mention any candidate by name, he was adamant about voting for a candidate who had a chance of winning. "More than likely the judgment will be that neither candidate ideally answers these questions all in the way that we want," His Eminence said. "But I do think that Catholics especially need to be very cautious and not simply opting out, or good pro-life people and good pro-family people, simply just throwing up their hands."

Cardinal Burke's advice is being echoed by Newman, who concluded, "While no political candidate is a perfect person, we must engage the political system as it stands today for the sake of protecting innocent life."

He added, "We cannot leave the results of this critical election for others to decide."


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