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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 30, 2020   

Cdl. Zen's dire forecast for Church in China

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Catholics in China should go into hiding, just like the early Church fled to the catacombs — that counsel from Cdl. Joseph Zen of Hong Kong, in a recent interview with the National Catholic Register.

He called for what the Register described as a "tactical retreat," saying "If we fight, they will do even more [harm]."

Cardinal Zen says the Wuhan virus has caused him to lose contact with sources on the ground in mainland China who had been funneling him information.

Zen has been an outspoken critic of the Vatican-China accord signed in 2018 and brokered by the notorious defrocked sexual pervert, former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, whom the Vatican has yet to release its report on.

The secretive agreement between Church leaders and communist officials united the underground wing of the Church in China with the government-approved "patriotic" church.

The deal was supposed to ease the burden for persecuted Catholics in the underground Church. But Cardinal Zen — like many others — believes the pact with the communists has only increased the government's persecution of believers.

In early January, footage surfaced of government workers sacking a Church in Jiangxi Province.

Back in October 2018, Chinese authorities demolished two Marian shrines, claiming the buildings displayed too many crosses and religious symbols.

Now, even as the Wuhan virus devastates many parts of the world, there is no sign the communists are backing down from persecuting Christian faithful.

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