‘Hellish’ Pro-Aborts Mob Pro-Life Group

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 10, 2019   

Pro-family group met with spitting, twerking and cries of 'hail Satan'

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WASHINGTON (ChurchMilitant.com) - A peaceful pro-life witness at a Washington, D.C. university turned ugly when angry students began spitting, twerking, singing vulgarities and yelling "hail Satan."

At George Washington University (GWU), 15 volunteers for TFP Student Action (TFP), a national group of Catholic pro-family advocates, got to see what Hell looks like, according to a bystander.

On Sept. 30, TFP set up a small pro-life demonstration across the street from GWU replete with pro-life fliers and bagpipes.

All Hell soon broke loose, according to the group's director, John Ritchie, who wrote a detailed account of the harrowing event:

While the mob yelled profanities, a nurse in scrubs approached the TFP banner. "I love that you're here," she said cheerfully. "It takes a lot of courage and I'm grateful." Then pointing to the pro-abortion mob, she added: "That's what Hell looks like."

She was right. It did look and sound hellish because the Culture of Death is united under the same master — Lucifer — in its hatred against God, order, virtue and innocent life.

One apparent student in the crowd gathered to confront TFP actually yelled out "hail Satan," observes Ritchie.

He describes the antics of the group, who presumably were university attendees, who quickly amassed to confront TFP's pro-life volunteers.

"Holding pro-abortion signs, dozens of students danced in chaotic disorder to pulsating beats that emphasized the F-word," Ritchie relates.

He says campus police remained aloof as the pro-family group was spat on, doused with soda and intimidated both verbally and physically by a group of some 100 enraged demonstrators. They stepped in to separate the groups only after police arrived.

Ritchie deplores the loss not only of faith but also of reason at liberal colleges like GWU. They refuse to acknowledge the self-evident truth that every human person has the right to life, he said.

"Our culture has strayed so far from God and reason," laments Ritchie, "that what used to be self-evident is not so clear anymore, especially on left-wing college campuses where procured abortion is considered to be more than a right — it's been granted the status of a secular virtue."

Real men will always defend the right to life of the unborn.

In the video documenting the event, one young woman is shown admitting that the life aborted inside of a woman is truly a baby.

"It's still a baby inside but I have every single right to decide what I f****** do with my own f****** body," she yelled.

Amidst the blowback, there were also many positive responses, recalls Ritchie.

"Nevertheless, many students who saw or heard about the campaign were encouraged to continue fighting the good fight for God's law," he writes.

He described to media on Oct. 8 what motivates his group of young Catholic men to keep up their pro-life witness in the ever-growing Culture of Death that's enveloping liberal colleges across the country.

"We strive to live the virtues and spirit of Catholic chivalry," Ritchie remarks. "Since the deliberate killing of the unborn is both unjust and morally evil, we must stand up and speak out. Real men will always defend the right to life of the unborn."

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