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by James L. Berkon  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 17, 2020   

Our Lady, her silent majority and the election recount

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There are some days in your life, good and bad, that you can remember like they were yesterday: a first kiss, a special engagement, a wedding, the birth of a child, the death of a spouse, parent or close friend. One day in recent memory that sticks out for me is Election Day of 2016. It has less to do with Trump pulling off an improbable victory and more so with how I believe it came about.

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

The weekend before the election in 2016, my brother and mom came to visit me in Dallas, Texas, where I had moved to from D.C. four months prior. What should have been an enjoyable visit kept us glued to the TV, depressed and disappointed that the media had already declared Hillary Clinton the winner. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Less than five days out the election had been signed, sealed and delivered. Sound familiar?

I am aware that the media has already proclaimed Biden the president-elect, however, it is not the media's job to announce the president-elect or re-elect. The Electoral College is the only outfit that can officially declare who the next president of the United States is. The Electoral College has yet to make that announcement.

We are not anywhere near finished with this election. Not by a long shot.

My greatest fear, if Hillary Clinton was elected, would be an end to religious freedom as we know it, along with the enshrinement of abortion into federal law as a human right. A Clinton administration would force conservative institutions and churches to embrace the LGBTQ agenda and force Catholic institutions (read: The Little Sisters of the Poor) to provide contraceptive coverage with no questions asked. Finally, every conservative and orthodox Christian and Catholic knew the Supreme Court would be stacked with liberal justices, which would ensure a progressive (and Marxist) agenda for generations to come. While the Supreme Court now has a conservative majority, the agenda for the Biden-Harris administration is more radical than Hillary's in 2016.

The Unknown Silent Majority

Before I moved to Dallas, I had been working as a bartender in Northern Virginia where we had our fair share of pre-election gatherings, happy hours, meetings and bar patrons locked in on the looming 2016 Decision.

One afternoon, I asked two of my patrons what they thought of the election.

Without a moment's hesitation, they immediately replied, "We think Trump's going to win!"

Pleasantly surprised at their response and relieved to find fellow conservatives in the uber-liberal D.C.-metro area, I prodded, "What makes you guys think that?"

Michael Voris outlines allegations of massive election/voter fraud in contested states

"There is a huge silent majority out there who is behind Donald Trump. No one knows who we are because we're not talking about it. But we're voting for him."

"Alright, I can believe it," I responded.

Ever since that conversation, when I ran into anyone who asked me about the election and whether or not Donald Trump had a chance, I would always cling to what these two bar patrons told me, which turned out to be prophetic.

It's Still Not Over, Nevermind Media

We all know how election night 2016 turned out. Now in 2020, we are in the midst of an election that has yet to conclude. No matter what the media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, CNN, MSNBC or Fox News (they should be renamed Faux News) tells you, the decision has yet to be finalized by the Electoral College. I know many conservatives (I am ashamed to say I am tempted to accept the inevitable) and churchgoers who have conceded the election. But with upcoming litigation, massive allegations of (very likely) voter fraud and recounts starting in Arizona and Georgia, we are not anywhere near finished with this election. Not by a long shot.

Very few have encouraged us to pray for the salvation of their little souls. Even fewer encourage us to ask for their intercession.

When I went to Mass last week on Election Day, I felt a prodding in my heart to hand this decision for our great country over to Our Lady and encourage others to do the same. Since we are still awaiting the results, this is the perfect time and opportunity to put this situation in Our Lady's hands and entrust these results over to the Other Silent Majority people rarely speak about. Who is that other Silent Majority?

The Other Silent Majority

Leading up to the 2016 election, my mother told me of a private novena she had begun to pray. First, she would seek the intercession of the Blessed Mother upon our election by the daily recitation of the Rosary. Second, she invoked another silent majority for assistance, the all-too-often forgotten silent majority of 61 million-plus unborn victims of abortion.

Daily recitation of the Rosary

While many in the pro-life movement have spoken of the tragedy of over 61 million innocent baby boys and girls who have been mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of Roe v. Wade, very few have encouraged us to pray for the salvation of their little souls. Even fewer encourage us to ask for their intercession.

I am not here to debate whether the unborn victims of abortion go to Heaven, purgatory or limbo. We can only "entrust them to the mercy of God" as the Catechism says in paragraph 1261. However, a close friend who is heavily involved in post-abortion healing and recovery once told me, "never forget to pray to these little ones (the aborted children). They are very powerful intercessors."

I followed my mother's lead, begging the innocent victims of abortion and Our Lady to intercede for us and deliver an improbable victory. As we know from history, Our Lady and her army of little ones delivered us an election miracle for the ages! It is far from the first miracle Our Lady has had her hand in.

Our Lady Of Victory

Five centuries ago, the European continent, much like our nation, stood at the precipice of destruction. Much like today, the Catholic Church was in grave crisis due to corrupt clergymen, indifferent laity and the Protestant Reformation. It was no secret the rising power in the East — Islam — wanted to annihilate Christianity and Western civilization, wipe out freedom, abolish Judeo-Christian principles and sack Rome. In response to this looming threat, Pope St. Pius V ordered Christendom to pray the Rosary to stave off this threat of annihilation, while assembling a makeshift Christian fleet to fight the massive Muslim navy.

Battle of Lepanto

The fight for the preservation of Europe, Christendom and countless generations to come came to a head Oct. 7, 1571 off the coast of the Greek town of Lepanto (now Nafpaktos). The Christian fleet was vastly outnumbered, poorly trained, lacking supplies and naval combat wherewithal. The Muslim fleet, vastly superior in men, munitions, experience and weaponry, spotted the Christian fleet and, forming their naval battle lines in the shape of a crescent, charged towards the outnumbered Christian fleet with the wind at their backs and under cover of thick fog — a clear strategic naval advantage.

Knowing the stark odds they were facing but still undeterred, the Christian fleet formed their battle lines in the shape of a cross while offering fervent and passionate prayers for intercession to Our Lady. In that moment, the winds miraculously changed to the astonishment of both fleets. The Christians now held the advantage with the wind at their backs and the fog, which disguised the Muslim Fleet only moments earlier, now offered perfect cover for the Christian battleships! With the wind at their backs and The Virgin protecting them from on high, they slaughtered the Muslim fleet, decimating the Islamic navy, thereby saving Christendom and Western civilization.

The moment victory was secured, Pope St. Pius V was granted a vision of the triumph at St. Peter's in Rome, exclaiming to his fellow Catholics, "Victory! Victory!" Official word of the victory would not reach Rome for another two weeks. Thanks to the victory Mary granted us at Lepanto, she is now invoked as "Our Lady of Victory!"

Having Faith In The Unknown

I do not know what the ultimate outcome of this election will be. I am praying diligently for another election miracle, as all of us should be. But right now, it feels like the winds of the media, academia, politics, education and yes, the corruption in the Church are overwhelming us. It seems like they are attacking us at every angle under cover of the thick fog of lies, deceit and treachery. The lies of progressivism and Marxism feel like an unstoppable tidal wave, ready to crash upon and consume us.

However, we should not allow that to deter our prayers for the truth to be made manifest. This should not deter us from praying that if there is fraud and cover-up, it is exposed and swiftly dealt with. The winds of progressivism should never deter the hope that no matter what, good will come out of this. This is no time to back down, tuck tail and run. This is the time to stand more fervent than ever in the truth of Christ and His Church and defend Her with all that is in us.

This is the time to stand more fervent than ever in the truth of Christ and His Church and defend Her with all that is in us.

Should we pray for a miracle? Absolutely! But this must also be the time that we make the conscious decision from now until the day we die to continue to be a voice for the voiceless, to speak truth in the midst of falsehood, to expose fraud and to scatter darkness with light. All of this and more can and will be accomplished by turning to Our Lady and her little army of unborn martyrs.

I encourage you to start by offering a decade of the Rosary per day for Our Lady to intercede for us, to heal this land and the multitude of wounds caused by the Culture of Death. Pray that the truth is exposed in this election, that God's will, not man's, be done and that America begins to re-embrace a Culture of Life. Who knows, Our Lady and the little ones may very well dissipate the fog of falsehood and alter the winds to reverse course and be at our backs sooner than we think!

Our Lady of Victory — pray for us!

Mary, patroness of the unborn and healer of all wounds — pray for us!

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