Heresy Is Uncomfortable ...

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by Simon Rafe  •  •  September 17, 2016   

... but you can learn about it from the comfort of your armchair

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Many of you may have heard of television, a modern invention whereby one can watch many of the visual entertainments available on your computer, cellphone or other mobile devices, but while sitting in a more comfortable chair. As I mentioned last week, the word "television" has become shorthand for "video with synchronized sound," and while people are watching more and more of their "television" on anything but an actual television, the "idiot box" is still a staple of modern life. Many (most, perhaps?) living rooms (and probably all the "man caves") in the West are structured around its position in the room.

Now, of course, the nicknames we give television — "idiot box," "goggle box," "noise box," "time killer" — reveal what we think of it, and (for many of us) wished we had the strength of will to say, as most television programs today are rot, barely worth the time. If they aren't badly written, shot, lit, acted and edited, then they are rife with liberal propaganda and presumptions at best, and full of immorality at worst. I would prove my point by directing you to the latest offerings from the cable channels, but I don't want to be an occasion of sin.

But fear not, because the looming, glass-eyed monster in the corner of your living room can be put to good purpose! You can watch Church Militant programming on it. If you have a smart TV, you can stream the website itself to the screen. Those of you with Roku boxes can use our Roku channel.

And anyone with a DVD player (or who might have a friend who has a DVD player and who needs a gift bought for him) can visit our store and purchase far more than coffee, statues or books. You can get DVDs of our programs to watch, while sitting in your second favorite chair (your favorite one is your pew at Mass — don't tell me you don't have one reserved).

A large number of our programs are available, but the one I want to showcase right now (and, full disclosure, showcase in a bit of a hurry because I just added it to the store myself about 10 minutes ago, and I suspect it is underpriced for what it is, and the lady who runs the store is likely to come in and edit it before too long) is "Houses Built on Sand." It offers 13 episodes (plus one bonus episode) of Charlie Hornbacher addressing the heresies and heretics of the Church, showing the history of where and how they went wrong and, most importantly, what you can learn from it. It's a total of 14 episodes, 3 DVDs, (currently) priced at only $25. (Get them before Julie realizes what I did!)

But, in all seriousness, this is a series you can't afford to miss. It's presented in a lively, engaging style, ideal for the young and the young at heart, and highly suitable as a foundation for a discussion with students. It addresses not only the evil of heresy, but also explains to us, good Catholics, how we might fall into similar traps, and how to avoid them. You can, of course, watch it (and everything else we do) by subscribing to the Premium channel, but if you want to watch this on an actual television, or give it away as a gift, it's available from the store right now.


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