Hindu Radicals Want Christians Gone From India

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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 11, 2018   

Bishop suffers backlash for announcing prayer campaign

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Hindu nationalists in India want to rid the country of Catholics.

A few dozen Hindus recently staged a protest near Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi.

Video from the end of May shows the protestors chanting "Down with Pope Francis" and stomping on images of the Holy Father.

The protest was a response to a statement from mid-May by the archbishop of Delhi calling on the nation's faithful to join a year-long patriotic prayer campaign.

--- Campaign 31546 ---

But some Hindus pushed back and called the prelate's move "divisive."

One man leading the protest has been identified as Swami Om Ji Maharaj, a Hindu religious leader and former contestant on reality TV show Bigg Boss.

Maharaj has a long criminal record of stealing bicycles and hoarding weapons. He once hit a woman on live television during an altercation.

In the recent protest, he accused India's Catholics of importing communism and terrorism.

Christians are a minority in India and anti-Christian violence this year has skyrocketed.

In some parts of India, Christians get arrested for drummed-up charges of "forced conversion."


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