Hispanics Leaving Democrat Party

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by Trey Blanton  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 12, 2021   

Pro-life, pro-gun, pro-borders

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Republicans are rallying around conservative Latina women in South Texas after 2020 showed a shift towards conservatism in the traditionally Democratic stronghold.

Republican candidate Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez told the Daily Caller she left the Democratic Party because of its shift, "towards socialism."

De La Cruz-Hernandez: "The Hispanic culture really aligns with pro-life, pro-God and pro-country."

She also favors the strong border measures in place under Trump.

Pro-life advocate Lauren Castillo explains why she believes Hispanics are shifting political allegiances.

Castillo: "It is a very community-oriented culture, where family is of the utmost importance, and running a thriving business in their community is really important. Our pro-life beliefs tend to take precedence in our life. We're very pro-life and very pro-family as well."

Republican national leaders are taking notice and are looking to flip the blue Texas seat currently held by Vicente González.

Catholic moral teaching tells the faithful abortion is an intrinsically moral evil and, in America, is considered the preeminent issue facing politicians.

Castillo describes the challenge of living out the faith and practicing her pro-life convictions during her own unplanned pregnancy in college

Castillo: "Our belief as Catholics is not only are we working to prevent abortions through the message of chastity ... We're also accompanying those post-abortive men and women who are wounded from abortions."

The 2020 Texas state Legislature has shown there are many women formed by their secularized beliefs and experiences to support abortion. A key phrase made by Texas representatives was "their faith" justified their decision to support the murder of preborn children.

Castillo has advice for young women who could be challenged in the formation of their convictions on life.

Castillo: "I would tell anybody who is facing the same situation that there is an entire community in your area that cares deeply about you, that wants to see you succeed, that wants to see you graduate and get your degree, and set a firm foundation for your family."

Many Hispanics trace their American political lineage back to Catholic president John F. Kennedy. However, as the Democratic party continues to drift further from God towards socialism, many are leaving the Party of Death.

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