Gay Bishop Scandalizes Seminarians

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  March 7, 2018   

Saginaw's gay clerical scandal is another reminder of why gay men shouldn't be priests

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The current investigation of Saginaw's gay priest abuse of male teenagers shows once again that homosexuals shouldn't be ordained. Homosexual formators, unfortunately, are running some seminaries.

Such is the case in a Honduran seminary under the influence of Bp. Juan José Pineda of the archdiocese of Tegucigalpa. Two former seminarians have recently come forward insisting that Bp. Pineda had molested them while in the seminary. One man alleged Pineda, an auxiliary bishop of the diocese, had at night "came close to me and touched my intimate parts and chest." Other sources attest that the bishop also had a live-in relationship with a male assistant that his archbishop at the time, Cdl. Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, had covered up.

All studies from 2004 onward have consistently shown that clerical sex abuse is predominantly homosexual in nature. It has been perpetrated by homosexuals who've infiltrated the Church and been ordained over the last several decades. Not only are large numbers of homosexual clerics still active in the Church but they've also formed networks and power structures, a type of homo-mafia, to keep their nefarious homosexual liaisons secret.

Rome recognized the problem of having homosexuals ordained and in 2008, the Vatican issued guidelines that placed a prohibition on homosexual seminarians, which included even men who were questioning their sexual orientation. The 2008 guidelines direct seminaries to dismiss men who have not only "deep-seated homosexual tendencies" but also an "uncertain sexual identity." Of this latter group, the 2008 guidelines say of such men that their "path of formation will have to be interrupted."

The 2008 document said this in the context of speaking of psychological deficiencies in seminarians, pointing out, "Such immaturity would include ... uncertain sexual identity; deep-seated homosexual tendencies etc. If this should be the case, the path of formation will have to be interrupted."

Father Dariuz Oko, who worked under former Pope Benedict XVI to uncover the homolobby in the Church, last year told Church Militant that according to his estimate as many as 50 percent of the clergy working in Rome are homosexual. This may explain why the 2016 Vatican guidelines for seminaries walked back the 2008 guidelines and now allows men with "homosexual tendencies" that are "a transitory problem" to remain in the seminary.

Watch the panel discuss yet another example of problems arising from gay clergy in The Download—Scandal in Saginaw.


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