How to Honor the Babies Ruthlessly Murdered via Abortion

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by Nicholas Wylie  •  •  September 8, 2023   

2023 National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

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DETROIT ( - Pro-lifers from across the United States gathered to honor the innocent children slain through abortion.

Individuals met at over 200 locations around the country on Saturday for the 2023 National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. 

"By participating in the National Day of Remembrance, visiting these solemn memorial places at other times of the year, and spreading the word about this prayer campaign, you are helping to humanize our aborted brothers and sisters and deepening your own commitment to ending the injustice of abortion," the event's web page explained. "The National Day of Remembrance also offers hope and healing to women who have had abortions and others who have been hurt by abortion."

The web page lists the 56 known gravesites of aborted children and documents "hundreds of other memorial sites across the country." The page also details the times at which services were scheduled at the particular sites on Saturday. There were reportedly services at 224 different locations in 2022.

National Day of Remembrance documentation of national memorial sites

"But while a funeral and burial for an aborted baby may be a relatively rare event, the opportunity to visit the burial places and recall how those children got there does not have to be rare — in fact, it shouldn't be," declared the event's web page. "Pro-lifers should be visiting these gravesites — and other memorial sites dedicated to aborted babies — as a regular part of their pro-life witness. That's what the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children is all about."

The National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children was launched in 2013 as a joint project of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and the Pro-Life Action League. Monica Migliorino Miller, directress of CPLS, relayed in a press statement,

Roe v. Wade may be reversed, but the killing of over 60 million unborn children can never be reversed. The goal of the abortion industry is to hide the violence of abortion, to indeed hide the truth that unborn children even exist! Abortion is designed to keep the unborn hidden and forgotten. When we stand at the graves of the aborted unborn we witness to their humanity and, in a small way, we reverse the injustice of the killing of the innocent. We honor the victims of Roe v. Wade and honor the unborn killed even since Roe was reversed on June 24, 2022.

"The unborn are the unwanted, named 'non-persons' under the law, abandoned fellow human beings, literally relegated to the trash. Yet the killing looks so darn normal, when really we are standing on a pile of dead bodies," continued Miller. "The memorial services are a small way that we can honor the unwanted, where we can stand up in a public way and witness to the sanctity of human life, call our nation to reality and end the killing of the unborn."

Local leaders needed for National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

The overturning of Roe v. Wade last summer was only the beginning of the fight to end abortion. There are currently 15 states in which child murder is not accessible under normal circumstances. In 2022, the Culture of Death produced political wins in Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, California, Vermont and Kansas. Ohioans recently voted to let child murder be decided by the people this November. It remains to be seen if pro-lifers will be able to devise a winning strategy to combat the neo-Marxist Left, with Maryland and New York set to vote on abortion ballot initiatives in 2024 and other states hot on their heels.

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