Hungarian PM Warns Europe Being Deliberately De-Christianized

by Stephen Wynne  •  •  August 4, 2017   

EU, George Soros acting against the will of the people

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BUDAPEST, Hungary ( - The leader of Hungary is warning that an effort to de-Christianize Europe is underway.

Speaking in Romania in July, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke of a deliberate plan to transform Europe into a "mixed, Islamicized" society.

"In Brussels," he warned, "an alliance has been forged against the opinion of the people."

Orbán said Europe is being prepared to surrender its heritage and identity:

We are observing the conscious, step-by-step implementation of this policy. In order for this to happen, for the territory to be ready to be handed over, it is necessary to continue the de-Christianisation of Europe — and we can see these attempts. Priority must be given to group identities rather than national identities, and political governance must be replaced with the rule of bureaucracy. This is the aim of Brussels' continuous and stealthy withdrawal of powers from the nation states. This is the situation in Europe today.

The prime minister described the effort as the product of a collusion between E.U. political elite and Hungarian-American financier George Soros.

According to the "Soros plan," as he termed it, migrants are to be brought into the European Union from the Muslim world by the hundreds of thousands annually and "distributed among the countries of Europe as part of a mandatory and permanent mechanism."

To facilitate this endeavor, the prime minister indicated E.U. officials will siphon "all the decision-making powers related to migrant affairs away from the nation states and raise them to the level of Brussels."

Billionaire George Soros

During his address, Orbán drew a line between European norms, rooted in Christianity and those of the Islamic world. "It's obvious that the culture of migrants contrasts dramatically with European culture," he observed and, "Muslim communities coming to Europe see their own culture, their own faith, their own lifestyles and their own principles as stronger and more valuable than ours."

"Opposing ideologies and values cannot be simultaneously upheld, as they are mutually exclusive," the prime minister noted.

Orbán called on Europeans to fight to recover their sovereignty and to resist de-Christianization.

"We can never show solidarity with ideologies, peoples and ethnic groups, which are committed to the goal of changing the very European culture, which forms the essence, meaning and purpose of the European way of life," he warned. "We must not show solidarity with groups and ideologies which oppose the aims of European existence and culture because that would lead to surrender," he asserted.

In March, Orbán named Soros a globalist threat. Through his Open Society Foundations, the activist financier lavishes billions of dollars on Leftist, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world, promoting abortion, contraception, sterilization and LGBT ideology.

In December 2016, it was revealed that Soros is actively involved in attempts to legalize abortion in Ireland and Poland, funneling millions of dollars into staged protests in those majority Catholic countries.

Soros has funded anti-government protests in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Macedonia and Romania, attempting to manipulate national policy to suit his desired ends.

In January, Hungarian Vice President Szilard Nemeth explained, "Fake NGOs of the Soros empire are sustained to suppress national governments in favor of global capital and the world of political correctness."


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