I Think Our Children Have White Privilege

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by T.J. Lang  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 4, 2020   

Dissecting a disingenuous term

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We hear so much today about "white privilege." The term is so ingrained in our culture that you would think that it is either in the Bible or in our Constitution. However, according to Wikipedia, which is of course, the main reference source for modern America, the term "white privilege" is less than 10 years old. 

A young protester at a BLM protest in Swindon.

"White privilege as a concept marked its transition from academia to more mainstream prominence through social media in the early 2010s, especially in 2014, a year in which Black Lives Matter formed into a major movement and the word 'hashtag' itself was added to Merriam-Webster," Wikipedia says.

So apparently I wasn't the only one who was unaware of "white privilege" until a few years ago. A shout out here to Black Lives Matter for promulgating this term, which is apparently so essential to our understanding of ourselves as a culture and nation.

What does it look like when someone "has" white privilege? My wife and I are both white and we have four children. It seems that all of them have this "white privilege" thing. Our kids all grew up in a two-parent family, one in fact with a stay-at-home mother. We always lived in nicer neighborhoods. They generally had their own rooms. They sometimes attended good public schools and sometimes parochial schools. The last two were actually homeschools and our youngest daughter was home schooled all the way from the cradle to high school graduation. In fact, she is now completing her master's. Of course, all of this points to "white privilege."

All our children are extremely conscientious, hardworking, successful and respectful of their elders. They are all great parents (and of course, very attractive). This is not to say that they didn't have their moments growing up. They were raised in a Catholic-Christian home, and with at least two of them, it has stuck. (We continue to pray for the other two.) All of our children are very pro-life, which of course is an apparently conservative and white privilege position and therefore racist.

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But here's the rub: Our children are all adopted and are all biracial. In other words, they are not white and they don't look white. They range now from 42 to 26 years of age. The oldest is half Korean, the next is half East Indian, the next is part black and part Native American. Our youngest is biracial African American.

By the way, we used to think of ourselves as a "rainbow" family, but since that term has been co-opted, we don't.

They all look like the people that you see on TV at the "mostly peaceful" riots, except for probably being somewhat better dressed and a little better groomed. I say that, but then that of course is an indication of my "white privilege" and, of course, my racism. Our children do not loot, they do not burn down people's businesses. They don't even burn down police stations and they don't beat people up. In fact, they are opposed to such actions — very opposed, which of course points to their non-white "white privilege" and their racism. In fact, they are all huge fans of Donald Trump. Could there be a better indication of their "white privilege"?

They are all huge fans of Donald Trump. Could there be a better indication of their 'white privilege'?

My guess is that they would all march in an anti-racism parade, and they'd be proud to carry a "Racism is Evil," or "End Racism Now" sign, as would my wife and I, of course. But I would also guess that none of them would participate in a Black Lives Matter (the organization) parade or demonstration or riot.

If our children were to participate in some kind of respectable, peaceful demonstration, my guess is that the people who saw the way they handle themselves would be inclined to be less racist rather than more. That statement, though, indicates that the country itself might be inherently racist and, of course, there is very little, if any, current empirical evidence that that is true.

Nonetheless, if our children were to march in some "mostly peaceful protest," they would do so in a manner that would make any non-racist father proud. A racist father might think that they were not violent or vulgar or destructive enough. You know, not "progressive" enough.

The only conclusion I can draw here is that "white privilege" seems not to have anything to do with race, which is weird on the face of it. But then that is what the face of it reveals. I'm left with the fact that "white privilege" is simply a dodge, a disingenuous term that hides the real motive and agenda. The Black Lives Matters agenda seems to be the establishment of Marxism in the United States, the destruction of the family, the opening of our borders to anyone who wishes to enter (and stay and have us pay for their now-enhanced lifestyle).

If Black Lives Matter thought that black lives actually matter, they would be demonstrating at Planned Parenthood facilities.

The agenda that the term "white privilege" masks is one that is contemptuous of this country, of Christianity and especially of Catholicism. Do the leaders of BLM believe that their support and responsibility for the destruction of whole sections of many Democrat-led cities will make people less "racist" or possibly more so? If Black Lives Matter thought that black lives actually matter, they would be demonstrating at Planned Parenthood facilities, where black babies' lives are sacrificed at the altar of progressivism at a much, much higher rate than white babies.

If BLM were actually a legitimate moral voice in this country, they would oppose this evil. If black lives truly matter, they would be working in the inner city neighborhoods to reduce the black-on-black crime and murder rate. But they don't, so what are we supposed to think? Maybe, just maybe, they are just a secular, progressive, far left-wing, political, terrorist organization that happens to represent themselves with a deceitful but appealing mantra.

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