Immigrant Caravan Approaching

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by Paul Murano  •  •  January 19, 2021   

Dems signal open borders

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A Central American caravan of countless illegal immigrants is heading to the U.S. border — this, just in time for a Democrat administration.

As they bust through the Guatemala border en route to the United States, Mark Morgan, acting border projection commissioner for the Trump administration, is not all that surprised.

Biden's transition team is signaling an open door policy may be coming soon to the United States. First, Biden admits he has no intention of continuing Trump's border wall project. Secondly, NBC News reports a transition official is warning illegal caravans to be patient as the Biden administration dismantles Trump's programs that keep these caravans from entering the United States.

Nevertheless, thousands of excited illegal hopefuls are now traveling northward from Honduras.

The Catholic Church teaches citizens should be welcoming to immigrants — but also that immigrants must respect a nation's immigration and border laws. In this balance between law and leniency, Pope Francis has made it clear which side he's on.

When speaking to Congress in 2015, he advised Americans not to fear foreign immigrants. And in 2016, many people interpreted these words as a swipe at then-candidate Donald Trump.

While immigrants continue fleeing their own countries, no one is asking what can be done to fix their homelands — so broken they feel the need to break into other nations to live a dignified life.

It's becoming clear Biden and the Democrats are eager to open U.S. borders to illegal invasions. With President Trump removed, the Left seems poised to continue down a road that conservatives believe will lead to national suicide.

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