Poll: Impeachment Fight Only Made Trump Stronger

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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 10, 2020   

Majority of likely voters think failed impeachment helps the president

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DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - According to a recent survey, 55% of likely U.S. voters think Democrats' attempt to remove President Donald Trump from office only helped the president politically.

Conducted earlier this month, the survey also found 62% of likely voters — including 43% of Democrat voters — believe Democrats in the House of Representatives should give up on trying to boot President Trump from office and should focus on other issues.

The national Rasmussen poll surveyed 1,000 likely U.S. voters.

The House of Representatives voted in December to impeach Trump, passing two articles of impeachment. But last week the Senate acquited the president on both counts.

The survey results confirm what has been said by many commentators, that the impeachment proceedings have paradoxically improved Trump's public image.

Two days prior to the Senate's final vote on impeachment, Pat Buchanan, a Catholic with decades of experience in American politics, wrote for the American Conservative, "Democrats may declare the Trump impeachment a victory for righteousness, but the anger and outrage, the moans and groans now coming off the editorial and op-ed pages and cable TV suggest the media know otherwise."

On Monday, New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin argued in an op-ed, "Conventional wisdom got it right when it declared that Trump had one of the best weeks of his presidency while Democrats had one of their worst."

The damage they have inflicted upon our country's institutions is serious.

Goodwin continued, "He beat impeachment, they screwed up the Iowa caucuses, he gave a roaring State of the Union address and [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi was reduced to being a paper shredder."

In a National Review piece published Friday, former White House speechwriter Mario Loyola made the case that the Democrats failed at impeachment because their case was too flimsy to gain much Republican support.

Pat Buchanan

"The Democrats made a fateful mistake," Loyola wrote. "They launched an impeachment proceeding based not on explosive allegations of impeachable conduct (as with Nixon), or credible evidence of actual criminal behavior (as with Bill Clinton), but on the basis of factual allegations that were at worst highly ambiguous."

He went on to warn that the impeachment push, though aiding President Trump politically, may have a damaging long-term effect on the American political system.

"The impeachment fiasco appears to be benefiting the president so far, particularly among former Republican skeptics," Loyola noted. "But at the end of the day, it has left us all poorer, and Democrats most of all."

Margot Cleveland, senior contributor to The Federalist, voiced similar concerns in an article on Thursday, saying, "The Senate's acquittal yesterday of the president on the two spurious articles of impeachment concluded (for now) the years-long coordinated efforts at a coup. But while Trump escaped the onslaught, the damage inflicted on our country will not be easily abated."

Buchanan issued a similar warning, saying of liberals and their efforts to take down Trump, "The damage they have inflicted upon our country's institutions is serious."

He also stated, "Not in our lifetime have the institutions of government and the establishment been held in lower regard."

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