Implicit Persecution

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by David Nussman  •  •  April 29, 2020   

Bp. Schneider slams Mass bans

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"These people can go to the stores to buy something, so the same way they can go to the church," said Bp. Athanasius Schneider.

Bishop Schneider warns the Wuhan virus is being used as a pretext to persecute the Church. 

Schneider spoke with John-Henry Westen in a video interview on April 28 about the Wuhan virus pandemic, the resulting government lockdowns, and the Church's response to it all.

Schneider: "This is discrimination of the religion, evidently, and a kind of implicit persecution of the Church."

Last month, Bp. Schneider spoke out against many bishops' willingness to join the panic and suspend public Masses, with some bishops even banning churches from opening for private prayer. 

Schneider said, "Such bishops reacted more like civil bureaucrats than shepherds. In focusing too exclusively on all the hygienic protective measures, they have lost a supernatural vision and have abandoned the primacy of the eternal good of souls."

He also slammed bishops who ban priests from caring for the sick and dying, saying, "Such a prohibition is an abuse of power."

In the United States, every single diocese suspended public Masses due to the threat of the Wuhan virus, and some have even suspended baptism and confession. Now, over a month later, only a handful of dioceses have begun the process of gradual reopening. 

It is unknown how long it will take before the rest of the country reopens and Catholics can attend public Mass again.

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