In Midst of Crisis, Stay in the Barque of Peter

by Church Militant  •  •  September 7, 2018   

An American priest offers frank thoughts on the sex abuse scandals and how Catholics can move forward

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By Fr. Pan y Vino

Never give up hope and never desert the barque of Peter.

What we are seeing with the Pennsylvania grand jury report, the letter of Abp. Viganò and rumblings about more grand jury investigations in several states, whispers of a federal investigation and speculations about future RICO sanctions is the gradual opening of floodgates that could cause the drowning of much of the Church in the United States. It is conceivable that, though other countries are usually less precipitous than we are to act, eventually a worldwide chain reaction could occur.

What this means is that now, we see some black, violet and red cassocks running for the hills. At the same time, we see many prelates, from the very top to the bottom, coming down with severe cases of laryngitis. And, of course, not to be outdone, we see others digging in their episcopal heels in flagrant denial, making ad hominem attacks on an archiepiscopal whistleblower who finally got fed up with the rot and corruption within the Church, both here and in the Eternal City. Of course, we also have the typical, "Heavens, I had no idea; no one ever told me; this is the first time I'm hearing this; and, uh, what letter?" And finally, we read the predictable pontifical laudanum touted as a remedy that the answer is "silence and prayer."

Silence has been the vehicle for this disease to make its way through the Church like gang-busters for much more than a half-century now — well before Vatican II. Vatican II just made things a bit easier from the mid-60s on. Silence is the last thing we need. As St. Luke says in chapter 8, verse 17, "For there is nothing hid which shall not become manifest, nor secret which shall not be known and come to light."

Silence is the last thing we need.

And further, in chapter 12, verse 3, "For whatsoever things you have spoken in darkness, shall be published in the light; and that which you have spoken in the ear in the chambers, shall be preached on the housetops" (Douay Rheims, of course, heh, heh).

This is transparency. What we've been getting up until now, though called transparency, certainly was/is not.

And where is the media and what are they doing? Ben Shapiro (do check him out online) sums it all up: "The media's disgraceful attempts to cover for Francis because of their love for his politics merely exposes the actual malign motivations of many in the media: they were happy to expose misconduct and evil inside the Catholic Church when the pope was a conservative; they're happy to facilitate a cover-up when the pope is a liberal."

The remedy is one which is only followed if convenient, and the higher up the food chain, the less likely it is to be followed: No tolerance means no tolerance, even after — no — especially after the first instance. Then there won't be any repeats. If enough skull-caps are removed from balding heads or if a particular chair (we can't have thrones anymore, of course) starts to crack, well, so be it if that's what it takes to remove this horrible cancer from the Mystical Body of Christ.


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