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by Hunter Bradford  •  •  September 24, 2021   

Bombshell leak hints at pandemic origins

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Bombshell documents have recently leaked out of the Wuhan lab, hinting at experimental, man-made origins for COVID-19. In 2018, British zoologist Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance submitted a proposal to release "skin-penetrating nanoparticles and aerosols containing 'novel chimeric spike proteins' of bat coronaviruses into bats in China."

Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance: "A world where people live in harmony with wildlife and ecosystems around us — that's our vision for the future. What's yours?"

The goal, however, was to introduce human-specific cleavage sites, making it easier for the virus to enter human cells. These documents only confirm the hypothesis that COVID-19 began in the Wuhan Lab. 

Jon Stewart, comedian: "The disease is the same name as the lab. That's just — that's just a little too weird, don't you think?"

An anonymous employee with the World Health Organization told The Telegraph, EcoHealth Alliance's proposal included plans to enhance even more deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS. "These viruses have a fatality rate over 30%. If one of their receptor replacements made MERS spread similarly, this pandemic would be nearly apocalyptic."

These leaked documents only confirm what many Americans already think: Man started the pandemic, man is sustaining the pandemic, but only God will stop it.

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