Inauguration Abortion Fundraiser

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  January 22, 2021   

Planned Parenthood benefits from Biden kickback

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WASHINGTON ( — Fake Catholic Joe Biden wasted no time in advancing the systemic and racist slaughter of preborn children.

Fr. Frank Pavone

Biden's inauguration broke with tradition Jan. 20 and told his voters to stay home rather than come out to celebrate. Instead, Biden asked Democrats to donate money for a flag to take their place, with the proceeds going to leftist charities, including Planned Parenthood.

Donors who contributed to the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) were automatically enrolled in Planned Parenthood's email database.

According to ActiveCampaign, email marketing lists can cost an organization between $100 to $600 per thousand emails. This represents a value between $19,150 and $114,900 to Planned Parenthood from the 191,500 contributors to the PIC.

A list of donors who support Biden's presidency added additional value through its reliability of donor overlap with Planned Parenthood.


Planned Parenthood donated $45 million to Democratic campaigns to ensure that pro-abort politicians, including Biden, made it into office.

Biden has pledged additional efforts to support child-murder with plans to repeal the Hyde Amendment and Mexico City Policy, which protect taxpayers from funding abortions domestically and internationally, respectively.

Biden's 'Catholic' Sham Succeeding

Catholic students, however, are unlikely to be informed by professors at their Catholic schools about intrinsic evils that are backed by big government. The College Fix contacted 14 professors to get their view on Biden's abortion stance as Biden supposedly received a Catholic upbringing and education. But only two of the professors expressed concern over Biden's anti-Catholic policies.

News Report: Biden Hurts God

Unreturned requests for comment went out to notable universities including Georgetown University, Fordham University and the Catholic University of America. The Chairwoman of the theological department at Loyola University Maryland, Rebekah Eklund, told the College Fix she could not comment on Biden, using the excuse, "I'm actually not Catholic."

Pro-Life Activists: Still Committed

Pro-life advocates are remaining vocal about their opposition to abortion and their commitment to fight.

Outspoken pro-life pastor Fr. Frank Pavone made it clear on Twitter where he stands on Biden's pro-abortion policies: "YOU CAN NOT BE CATHOLIC AND PRO-CHOICE!!!"

President Biden has promised to codify abortion on demand, [and] increase funding for Planned Parenthood and global abortion.

Lila Rose spoke out against the Biden administration's aggressive abortion policies, promising, "the pro-life movement will continue to work towards and demand full legal protections for preborn children."

Vice President Kamala Harris has previously demonstrated a willingness to abuse her power of office in targeting pro-lifers. As California's attorney general, she prosecuted David Daleiden for uncovering Planned Parenthood's alleged criminal enterprise of selling baby's body parts. But that isn't proving to be a deterrent.

In the face of potential future lawsuits against pro-lifers, Denise Harle, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, told Church Militant:

We will interminably defend the unborn and the rights of pro-life organizations and individuals, and if necessary, we will take these cases all the way to the Supreme Court, where we have won 11 cases since 2011. ADF has already secured a Supreme Court victory against the abortion pill mandate the Biden campaign promised to bring back, and we are prepared to challenge his administration in response to other abuses against the unborn and the organizations that exist to protect them.

Harle said she has no delusions about the direction Biden plans to go:

President Biden has promised to codify abortion on demand, increase funding for Planned Parenthood and global abortion, and use our taxes to fund abortions domestically and internationally. He promised to reimpose the abortion pill mandate, which could require religious organizations to pay for insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs, sterilizations and contraceptives.

Pro-lifers are preparing to fight for the Culture of Life in America against pro-abortionists who are now backed by the new anti-life regime.

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