Incarcerated Pro-Lifers Witness to Inmates

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  May 8, 2023   

Two of five champions for the unborn released

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PONTIAC, Mich. ( - Two of five pro-life advocates are free from jail after witnessing behind bars to inmates. Dr. Monica Miller and John Hinshaw of Red Rose Rescue were released from jail on Friday while Laura Gies, Matthew Connolly and Fr. Fidelis Moscinski will remain behind bars with varying release dates. 

Dr. Monica Miller and John Hinshaw

In a statement issued upon her release, Miller elucidated how time in jail is not simply a suffering one must endure but a continued witness to the sanctity of life amidst the Culture of Death.

"Indeed, when our fellow inmates know why we are in jail, we receive much respect and support!" she stated.

An Open Door to Grace

Miller recounted how she and Gies were together the entire time. When the two were first brought to cell block F1 on March 31, an inmate was surprised at their presence. That inmate did not think the two looked the type to be in trouble and asked, "What are you in for anyway?"

"That was the first of many opportunities to promote the cause of life — to explain what we did and why we did it," Miller explained.

The pro-life champion observed that time in prison was filled with many blessings in which God was working. 

"We met two women who told us that they had actually given life to their children because of pro-life sidewalk counselors who talked them out of their scheduled abortions at local Detroit-area abortion centers," Miller divulged.

One of those women, Moneisha, gave birth last December. She was scheduled to abort her baby in April 2022 at the Northland Family Planning abortuary where Red Rose Rescue was at the same time, and for which the rescuers were imprisoned. 

Two women ... had actually given life to their children because of pro-life sidewalk counselors.

"Pregnant again, she was considering aborting the new baby. But Laura [Gies] counseled her and talked her out of it — and Moneisha wanted to talk about her decision when she learned why Laura was in jail!" Miller continued. 

Other inmates revealed they had abortions, which provided the imprisoned pro-lifers opportunities to counsel them and lead them to post-abortion healing ministries

Pro-Life Beyond Abortion

Unlike the abortion industry, which feigns holistic care for women, Miller and Gies were able to demonstrate authentic holistic care.

"Most of the women in jail with us are there for drug and alcohol-related issues — 90%. Their lives are so very broken!" Miller lamented. "We had so many opportunities to listen to them, counsel them, pray with them and evangelize them too!"

Every day, Miller and Gies began to pray the Rosary in the Day Room. They were joined by other inmates, some of whom were not Catholic.

News Report: Red-Rose Bulldog

"They looked forward to praying the rosary with us — it was an incredible spiritual experience — and I'll bet that cell block never saw anything like it!" she surmised. 

Miller thanked everyone who supported her during the unjust prison sentence. She received many letters, prayers and Masses.

Unjust Sentence

Judge Cynthia Arvant unjustly sentenced the five rescue workers on March 30. 

Writing from jail just before her release, Miller explained: "During our trial, we were denied a 'defense of others' — as the unborn are not considered others by the legal system tied to the culture of death."

Most states recognize a "defense of others" statute, which allows citizens to commit a crime to prevent a greater crime.

During our trial, we were denied a 'defense of others.'

Judge Arvant upheld this untruth regarding the unborn and ordered as probation a condition that, for 18 months, the rescue workers remain 500 feet away from every abortuary in the country.

"We could not do so in conscience!" stated Miller. "Thus we were sent to jail."

The rescuers' release dates are May 18 for Gies,  June 6 for Connolly and June 12 for Fr. Moscinski.

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