‘Indict’ the Conspirators

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by Trey Blanton  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 17, 2021   

Election fraud demands prosecution

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If an American worker defrauded his company, it would naturally be presumed criminal charges would follow. When political elites violate the law, nary a response. Church Militant's Trey Blanton, however, recounts two legislators on Monday working toward full accountability.

Chants demanding corrupt establishment politicians be held accountable have become a mainstay in recent years among the GOP base. Phony Republicans, however, have been adept at talking a big game, while doing nothing in the face of blatant criminality.

Many believe the cavalier rogue Trump has been an outlier in calling for accountability. But more leaders are stepping up to implore their peers to enforce the law.

Arizona state senator Kelly Townsend: "Are we going to hold these election people accountable, or are we just going to look for a few people who cast too many ballots? I want to see indictments. I want to see people held accountable within the election system."

Arizona Republicans have heard sworn testimony from Maricopa County, but the Republican attorney general, Mark Brnovich, has been accused of being loath to take action.

State legislators recorded more testimony in Pima County, the second-largest county in the Grand Canyon State, to provide enough evidence to ensure prosecution.

Arizona state representative Mark Finchem: "Folks need to remember — because the attorney general has caught a lot of heat over not moving fast enough — good quality criminal investigations don't move fast. Because in this country, you get one bite at the apple to charge somebody with a crime."

Taking on the establishment is a dangerous game. Wholehearted support from the people is necessary to give leaders the power they need to pursue justice.

Individuals from the public testified to personally observing hundreds of violations of voting law and other irregularities.

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