Internet Hackers Unearth Anti-Catholic North Korean TV Skit

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by Max Douglas  •  •  March 22, 2017   

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PYONGYANG, North Korea ( - Hackers claim they have hacked into and recorded a North Korean television station that displayed a blasphemous anti-Catholic bias.

Sometime in March, the supposed North Korean live stream was hacked, recorded and posted to the message board and website 4Chan. The hackers recorded a ballet performance, which shows a Catholic priest in the likeness of St. John Vianney. He is preaching "the faith" to a woman and her child, only to have the priest turn on the family. The priest is portrayed abusing the boy and binding the boy to an apple tree. He then stabs the boy with a cross and kills him.


Some, who have seen the video, interpret the ballet as a way to trash "Western" religion. A translation of the text projected in the background of the ballet says, "Don't forget the brutality of U.S. Imperialism."
Although it is difficult to verify with absolute certainty the authenticity of the video, Ben Rogers, East Asia team leader at advocacy charity Christian Solidarity Worldwide, is saying "While we are unable to verify the source of this video, it is certainly in keeping with the North Korean regime's horrific propaganda against Christians."
Rogers added, "The North Korean education system's goal is to idolise the ancestry of Kim Il-Sung, and thus, many North Koreans do not know the existence of religion." He is the father of the current dictator, Kim Jong Un. 
The North Korean education system's goal is to idolise the ancestry of Kim Il-Sung, and thus, many North Koreans do not know the existence of religion.

In Communist North Korea, people are only allowed TV at very specific times of the day and are forced to watch nationally-owned programs. According to a description on the video, "North Koreans only have working TV for 8 hours on the weekend, which, due to their strict six day work week, is only one day, and 3 hours after 5 p.m. on weekdays, other than that it gets completely shut off."

A report from September 2016 reveals disturbing conditions for Christians inside Communist North Korea. The religious liberty activist group Christian Solidarity Worldwide released a study that found "[d]ocumented incidents against Christians include being hung on a cross over a fire, crushed under a steamroller, herded off bridges and trampled underfoot."

The report goes on to detail the various tortures Christian have to suffer under the hand of the Communist-style dictatorship of Kim Jong Un. The report shows Christians almost always have to practice their faith in secret. If they are discovered they are subject to detention and most likely taken to political prison camps known as "kwanliso."

The report documents these kwanliso prison camps are "extremely harsh." What is more, "Prisoners are forced to carry out long days of hard labor." Examples of this hard labor include "mining and logging." Malnutrition is rife due to the poor rations and increases the mortality rate. The report continues, "Horrific accounts of torture, forced labor, starvation, sexual assault and even execution confirm the brutality of a system that despises religious believers and their freedoms." 


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