Invasion Hypocrisy Exposed

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by Paul Murano  •  •  August 11, 2022   

'Not in my backyard'

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Texas governor Greg Abbott, head of the nation's largest border state, is taking matters into his own hands to push back against Joe Biden's open border policy.

Gov. Greg Abbott R-Texas: "Now, we have chaos. That has caused Texas to step up and take unprecedented action."

Abbott is shipping illegal immigrants to liberal meccas like New York City and Washington, D.C. Last night, three more busloads arrived in New York. Mayor Eric Adams was furious.

Mayor Eric Adams, D-N.Y.: "I think Gov. Abbott, what he's doing, is so inhumane."

Just for sharing illegal immigrants, Adams vows to help defeat Gov. Abbott in Texas.

Adams: "For the good of America, we have to get him out of office."

Nongovernmental organizations hired by the federal government are assisting in the humanitarian crisis.

Fox & Friends host no. 1: "If you're a Catholic and giving money to Catholic Charities in America, weren't you hoping it would help Americans and not some people in other countries to come to America illegally? Think about that for a second."

Fox & Friends host no. 2: "I think it's our government giving money to Catholic Charities."

Host no. 1: "Well, why is Catholic Charities using their apparatus?"

Host no. 2: "Because it makes money for them."

Yet, Msgr. Kevin Sullivan, head of Catholic Charities in New York, seems perturbed when immigrants knock on his doors. "The chaos which angers me," Sullivan said yesterday, "is we've seen over 200 documents that have been issued by immigration authorities in Texas listing our office as residences of these individuals."

The hypocrisy seems to be widespread, with NGOs making money off desperate people and Democrats attaining future dependents to keep them in power.

It's been widely reported that Catholic Charities, working in conjunction with the feds, assists in transporting illegal immigrants in the dead of the night to various destinations across the country.

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