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by Samuel McCarthy  •  •  January 11, 2023   

Immigration, anti-Catholicism & the nation's foundation

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The Irish people are finally rebelling against the establishment's globalist agenda and exposing both the nation's essentially Catholic foundation and the elites' hatred of that foundation.

Protests have erupted across Dublin and surrounding suburbs after Ireland's European Union–influenced government began housing immigrants at Catholic schools. Locals marched and carried signs that read, "House the Irish, not the world."

The president of the Irish Freedom Party, Hermann Kelly, told Church Militant:

Without its Christian faith, its own language and culture, Ireland becomes just a wet rock in the Atlantic with random workers from anywhere helping to increase its GDP. ... Ireland's political and media elite, in seeking to please their masters in Brussels, wish to eradicate all symbols and norms of Catholicism from Ireland.

Indeed, the political and media establishment's reaction to the Irish-led protests is exposing a hypocrisy centered on deep-seated anti-Catholicism. Protestors have been labeled "racist," "disturbing" and "upsetting" by everyone from the nation's Taoiseach (Ireland's official title for prime minister) to city councilors to RTÉ (Ireland's state-controlled media broadcaster).

Protestors have been denigrated for chanting "get them out," a reference to non-Irish taking over government-run housing, which is funded by the taxes of the protestors themselves. Yet the chant is simply an ironic twist on leftist politician Aodhán Ó Ríordáin's 2021 battle cry "let's get them out," referring to weaponizing the government against the Catholic patrons of Catholic schools.

Rising Anti-Catholicism

According to Kelly, Irish politicians have been targeting Catholics for a long time. "Over the last few decades, those attacks were by politicians on the laws and Christian culture of Ireland," he told Church Militant. "But of late, that hatred of the Christian faith has been expressed in physical threats and violence to priests, people and churches."

Late last year, the government introduced so-called hate speech legislation, which would penalize Catholic priests for criticizing the government or its policies, many of which are increasingly in opposition to the teachings of the Church. In fact, a bold priest dared last year to speak out against homosexuality, abortion and the trans agenda, and he was eviscerated by politicians and the media — even his own bishop publicly censured him. If the bill had become law back then, that priest would have faced legal consequences, not just the displeasure of his limp-wristed bishop.

Limerick city councilor Elisa O'Donovan has even seen fit to harass Irish Catholics for praying the Rosary.

Irish politicians have faulted the Church for everything from lack of government spending on childcare to housing crises, and by establishing both abortion and gay so-called marriage as "rights," the state has eradicated many of the laws the Church considers sacred.

The anti-Catholic rhetoric so vociferously espoused by the establishment has slowly trickled down to the masses. Anti-Catholicism has become more than just popular in Ireland: It has become a norm. Just last week, vandals burned a Catholic church's altar in Kerry, and anti-Catholics disrupted Sunday Mass in Cork.

Going Global

So what do protests against immigration have to do with Catholicism? The open-borders push is a distinctly globalist one and, as Kelly stated, globalism aims "to eradicate all symbols and norms of Catholicism from Ireland."

Globalism and Catholicism cannot coexist, which is one of the many reasons that globalism's tools are often those in direct opposition to Catholic teaching. The globalist EU, for example, consistently pushes abortion, contraception, homosexuality and transgenderism. Mass migration is just another weapon in the hands of the organization, replacing white Christians with non-Christian foreigners. Coupled with declining birth rates and increasing abortions, such a plan would effectively wipe out Christian Europe.

The globalist EU, for example, consistently pushes abortion, contraception, homosexuality and transgenderism.

The Catholic Church is a universal Church, uniting the whole world under the banner of Christ; all peoples and nations remain distinct but become unified. Globalism also attempts to unite the whole world, but it will only do so under any banner other than Christ's, and heritage and national identity are among the many things globalists are willing to strip away in order to fit the world into a sardine tin, attempting to hide it from Christ.

The people of Ireland are realizing that they need their nation, but unless they realize they need the nation's Catholic roots as well, that nation will not live long.

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