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by Benjamin Starnes  •  •  August 19, 2021   

Abp. Farrell touts LGBT 'outreach'

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On Monday, in an interview with RTÉ Radio, Dublin archbishop Dermot Farrell lamented the near extinction of the Catholic faith in Ireland. Farrell spent about 26 years at Ireland's homosexual-plagued seminary of Maynooth. This included an 11-year stint as president from 1996 to 2007.

Prior to becoming president, he spent about three years as executive assistant to then–Maynooth president Msgr. Micheál Ledwith, Farrell's cousin. Ledwith was accused of homosexual harassment and, in 2005, was expelled from the priesthood by Pope Benedict.

Archbishop Farrell: "The numbers of priests have dwindled; the number of seminarians have [sic] dwindled. ... When you go into your church on a Sunday, if you look at the population that are there, you'd say to yourself 'Well, where would you expect the vocations to come from?'"

Maynooth seminary fails to retain faithful priests and seminarians. Several left because of the homosexual subculture and were accused of being too "rigid" in their support of Catholic orthodoxy.

Archbishop Farrell: "It's not just about telling people to go to Mass. It has to be something deeper than that."

Abandoning the Catholic faith, Ireland was the first nation to legalize gay so-called marriage by popular vote in 2015, and legalized the murder of unborn babies in 2018.

Archbishop Farrell: "Yes, I think there has to be an outreach to the LGBT community and that certainly is changing in the Church."

The archbishop's solutions to the collapse of the Catholic faith in Ireland would entail slipping further into heterodoxy.

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