ISIS Infiltrating Europe With Middle Eastern Refugees

by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  March 20, 2018   

Robert Spencer discusses how ISIS used immigration crisis to get a foothold in Europe

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DETROIT ( - An Islamic scholar is claiming the Islamic State (ISIS) has infiltrated Europe with the intention of taking it over.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, is asserting that ISIS is seeking to drive Christians out of Europe in the same way they drove Christians from the Middle East — by taking advantage of Islamic mass migration.

He notes that before 2015, ISIS pledged to overtake Europe by flooding the continent with Islamic migrants. Since then, millions have flooded into Europe, especially in countries like Germany, France, Italy and Sweden where migrant crime has run rampant.

Some sources are calling Sweden the rape capital of Europe, claiming incidents of rape have gone up 500 percent since Islamic migration has been allowed. The British Broadcasting Corporation, however, maintains the reason for the spike in rapes cannot be accurately reported because the race of the accused rapist is not taken into account in official reports.

Spencer maintains ISIS fighters have been coming into Europe mixed in among over 1 million refugees per year from Syria and Iraq since 2015. A 2016 poll shows that over 40 percent of European Muslims believe Sharia law should be the law of the land — a law that punishes Christians with death or taxation.

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