Islam and Toxic Masculinity

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by Raymond de Souza, KHS, KofC  •  •  May 11, 2022   

Where's the feminist outrage?

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As the issue of masculinity is debated in many places today, the campaign against so-called toxic masculinity reigns supreme. As a result, a large number of men have gradually become effeminate.

But this transformation happens only in the Christian West, never in the Islamic East. Many feminists fail to criticize Islam for being a centuries-long oppressor of women. Islam is thus far unlike Christianity, especially Catholicism, which has elevated women to their rightful place as companions of men in sacred matrimony in fulfillment of God's plan for all humanity.

Linda Sarsour

But among the loud-speaking Islamic women, who want to persuade the West of the supposed grandeur of Islam, their faces fall flat on the muddy ground, when one takes the time to read the Koran and the Hadith.

Leftist Islamic Linda Sarsour remarked that Muhammad has taught her how important the education of a woman is and how important it is for women to hold positions of leadership.

Really? Is that so? That may be the dream or wish of Linda Sarsour, after having lived in America. But it's not exactly what her "beloved prophet" thought about women, apart from being sex objects.

Let us take a look at official Islamic sources, like the Koran and the Hadith.

First of all, Mohammed was a polygamist, having at least nine wives at his disposal, according to various Islamic authors. Every Muslim, according to Mohammed, can have up to four wives at the same time. Because Islam forbids polyandry, however, a woman can have only one husband at a time. Islamic sanctioned polygamy is a major sign of what can truly be called "toxic masculinity."

Other forms of sexist inequality sanctioned by Islam include the Koran allowing Muslim men to marry "infidel" Jewish and Christian women but not allowing Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men. Why? Because Islam allows the husband to control the faith of his wife and children so, should a Muslim marry a non-Muslim woman, he would force her to apostatize from Christianity and convert to Islam. This ensures that his children will be Muslims.

Islam considers a woman inferior to a man.

On the contrary, Islam considers a woman inferior to a man so, should she marry a non-Muslim man, he may persuade her to convert from Islam or "apostatize." This would risk her children being brought up as Christians or Jews, which is something Islam does not tolerate. Thus, according to the Koran in 5:5; 2:221; 60:10a, Muslim women can marry only Muslim men but not vice versa — more toxic masculinity!

Muslim women in hijab's

In Islam, women are obliged to wear a veil. Men are not. Koran 33:59 states that women must cover their bodies entirely with a veil, except one or two eyes, wherewith they can see. In this way, they may avoid being a cause of "temptation to men." But men are free to wear whatever they like. If a woman is raped, it was because she did not cover her whole body: she bears the blame. Again, toxic masculinity!

In Islam, even married men are allowed to have prostitutes. Mohammed, their so-called "prophet," allowed men to hire prostitutes whenever they are away from their wives. It is a practice called "mutah," or temporary marriage. A married man is thus allowed by Mohammed to hire a "wife" for a day or several days, in a so-called "temporary marriage." But, of course, Muslim women are not allowed to hire "temporary husbands." This form of Islamic sanctioned sexism is yet more Toxic masculinity!

Islam even allows men to have sex slaves in places where they dominate. Slave women were used only for the sexual satisfaction of the Islamic masters and slave-drivers. Over the centuries, thousands of Jewish and Christian women were subjected to this oppression. In Sura 33:50, Muhammed allowed his soldiers to rape and enslave women for this purpose. He himself impregnated at least one such unhappy woman. And it goes without saying that Muslim women are not allowed to have sex slaves. Toxic masculinity!

The Vortex: Islam Is Not a Religion

In Islam, unlike men, women are considered to be mentally deficient. In Sura 2:282, the testimony of a woman is just half as reliable of that of a man. So, it takes two women to testify against one single man. Why this inequality? Simple: Mohammed explains it in the Hadith of Sariah Bukhari, 2658 that it is because of the "deficiency of a woman's mind." For Mohammed, the testimony of a woman is worth half of that of a man, because, according to him, women are mentally deficient, that is, stupid. Toxic masculinity!

In the final judgment, Islam believes most women are destined to hell, but not men. In Sahih Muslim, 20:48, Muhammed says that most women are "fuel for hell." And in Sahih Muslim, 241, he says that women are the majority "amongst the dwellers of Hell." Upon being asked by a wise woman why this was so, he says he has "seen none lacking in common sense and failing in religion .. besides you."

Ilham Omar and Rashida Tlaib

Contrary to what Linda Sarsour claims, in Islam, only men are called to positions of leadership. As they are deficient, both morally and intellectually, women are permanently unfit for political leadership. In the Hadith Sahi al-Bukhari 7099, Muhammed says, "Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler." Linda Sarsour, Ilham Omar and Rashida Tlaib, therefore, ought to resign their political career. Supposedly, by definition of their own prophet, they are inherently stupid, morally deficient and will cause to fail any nation they attempt to lead.

Thus, Islam holds that women are both intellectually and morally inferior to men. Even more, toxic masculinity!

And if you are a Muslim man, you may beat your wife, or wives, into submission. In Sura 4:34, Allah reveals through his "prophet" that Muslim men may scourge their rebellious wives (yes, the Koran says scourge). But a wife cannot beat up her husband, even if she's stronger than him. Such is the miserable life of rebellious women under Islam. Unbelievable levels of toxic masculinity!

Islam's toxic masculinity is magnified even more by this final aspect of the life of Muhammed — child marriage. Muhammed, the so-called "perfect example of behavior to all Muslim men," married a girl when she was six years old and consummated the marriage when she was nine. Her name was Aisha, then a pre-pubescent child.

The systematic oppression of women in Islam thus reduces females to the lowest condition of mere sex objects.

In Sura 65:4, Muhammed explains how Muslim men may even divorce pre-pubescent girls after having consummated their marriage with them. This is such an extreme form of abusive patriarchy and over-the-top toxic masculinity!

Polygamy in Islam

The systematic oppression of women in Islam thus reduces females to the lowest condition of mere sex objects: subjecting them to polygamy, forbidding them free to marry non-Muslims, subjecting them to "temporary marriages" (read prostitution), forcing them to wear veils, considering them to be mentally as well as morally deficient and then condemning the majority of them to Hell for all eternity.

That's why when the likes of Linda Sarsour and her "sisters in oppression" speak of their "beloved prophet" defending the "rights" of women, they're only repeating fairy tales that little girls in Islam are told. It is tragicomic, that is, ridiculously comic if it were not so abhorrently tragic.

American women, especially the feminists or feminazis, those who supposedly want to defend the rights of all women, beware: Islam is your worst enemy.

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