Islamic Subversion in School

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by Anita Carey  •  •  June 22, 2018   

A fight is underway for the soul of America

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A fight is underway for the soul of America.

All over the country, school children are being indoctrinated and taught propaganda that praises Islam, while Christianity and other religions are being put down.

Speaking at a school board meeting in Melbourne, Florida in 2013, state representative Ritch Workman said, "the special treatment of Islam consists of — the point is that Islam is in quite favorable light in this book and takes up a great deal of your book, whereas Christianity and Judaism take up a very small section and is not shown in such a good light."

He added, "The special treatment of Islam consists of devoting many more pages to Islam when compared to any other religion in an approximate ratio of 72 to one."

A number of lawsuits are trying to put a stop to the indoctrination.

Lawyers for Thomas More Law Center are representing three families and are claiming the teachers are forcing children to recite the Shahada — the Islamic declaration of faith that proclaims Allah as the true God. Muslims believe that if said in Arabic in the presence of two male Muslims, one has converted to Islam.

During an interview with Tucker Calson in 2017, Martin Mawyer, president of Christian Action Network, explained how the Department of Education (DOE) was funding the programs. He said the materials available on PBS Access Islam used in many schools are funded by the DOE.

"First of all, there is no similar education program by the DOE for any other major religions," Mawyer said.

Mawyer blasted the lack of objectivity and said it was presented only in a positive light, saying, "When children watch a video about a man that converted from Christianity to Islam, that's promoting Islam."

Thomas More Law Center lawyers argue this is insidious because the beliefs and values of Islam contradict the Christian values in the Constitution and the values on which this country was founded.


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