Italian Author Threatened for Discussing Harms of Gay Lifestyle

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by Juliana Freitag  •  •  March 28, 2017   

Silvana De Mari: "The powerful are using the LGBT movement to destroy Christianity"

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"Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer." ~G.K. Chesterton
This is Italian doctor and author Silvana De Mari's favorite Chesterton quote. A Catholic surgeon with a brilliant career both in Italy and Ethiopia, a psychotherapist and a successful fiction writer, De Mari defines herself as part of the "Chesterton brigade," a moniker she coined to describe those who engage in the cultural battle for truth. She now finds herself catching heat for her writings on the harms of homosexuality.
De Mari's love of writing comes from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, a novel she used to read during her long shifts as a resident physician. It became her main inspiration to write fantasy books, making her one of the best-selling Italian authors worldwide. She recently became a prolific social media user, captivating a huge following for her musings on Facebook and on her personal blog, where she usually addresses pressing and controversial issues. From the undeniable devaluation of masculinity to the urgent need to stand up for Christianity for the sake of civilization, Silvana doesn't mince words.
If the health hazard involved in male homo-erotic behavior is serious now, we can only imagine what it was like before antibiotics and condoms.
Her daily updates have provoked heated discussion, but never have they reached such fever pitch until recent comments on the harms of the gay lifestyle. In January, after a Facebook post providing alarming statistics regarding sexually transmitted diseases in the gay community, she received a phone call from Italian radio show La Zanzara. Their first conversation brought about such a public stir that the station called her again twice. Two months on and she is still fighting accusations, harassment and attempts to sabotage to her career.
What did De Mari said that was so awful? The original Facebook post read:
The recent numerous epidemics of primary-secondary syphilis registered especially in Western Europe have as main risk factors: homosexuality (45–90%). ... As confirmed by literature, the co-infection of syphilis-HIV in homosexuals goes from 10% to 70% in many clinical studies. ... While we wait until the authors of these studies are accused of homophobia and expelled from their respective medical boards, we need to acknowledge that if the health hazard involved in male homo-erotic behavior is serious now, we can only imagine what it was like before antibiotics and condoms. ...
"The LGBT movement, elected by nobody, representative of nobody but themselves, is daring to challenge freedom of speech," she continued. "We will not allow that. I am honored to be part of a family that has combatted Fascism for Italy. ... I am used to courage."
On her first on-air call with La Zanzara, she explained her credentials: "I have three specialties: general surgery, endoscopic surgery of the gastrointestinal tract and psychotherapy. I have been treating homosexual people for 40 years. And I love them very much."
"But homosexuality does not exist," she declared. "Sexuality is the way of biology to create successive generations through the encounter of male and female reproductive cells. Without the encounter of male and female, there's no sexuality. If I masturbate, that's self-erotism, not sexuality. Therefore gay people are asexual and homo-erotic."
The host then asked if she considered the condition of homosexuals to be "dramatic."
"It's dramatic for the anal-rectal condition," she said. "Anal sex is damaging to the body. It's a gesture of violence and submission. It's a mandatory practice in satanic initiation rites. ... How can anal incontinence and anal abscess be considered a positive thing?"
"Chastity is an extraordinary thing," she added. "If a man loves another man he should transform that love into chastity."
The conversation went on with detailed descriptions of the disorders and traumas caused by frequent anal intercourse, a whole array of rectal diseases the medical community calls "gay bowel syndrome." She then finished the call remarking that there's "incredible censorship" regarding the discussion of these disorders.
Chastity is an extraordinary thing. If a man loves another man he should transform that love into chastity.
The repercussions of the radio broadcast were immediate, so the station called Silvana again the next day. "Why do you associate anal sex with homosexuality?" the radio host asked her. "Lots of heterosexual people practice it."
Silvana replied: "I am completely against this practice for heterosexual people as well. I have made that clear many times."
The radio station called her a third time after a few days, and the discussion was a repeat of everything Silvana had previously stated, with one of the hosts screaming that gay people have the right to be offended by her words and should sue her in court.
After the broadcast, unsurprisingly, LGBT organizations began with their typical intimidation tactics. Gaylex, an association of LGBT lawyers and activists, was the first to demand De Mari's immediate suspension from the Torino Board of Physicians for allegedly "employing her skills against the right of homosexual patients."
An online petition supporting the move was circulated, De Mari's Facebook page was blocked and gay websites encouraged angry readers to mail the Board of Physicians. Public LGBT representatives like the coordinator of Torino Pride and director of the Torino Gay and Lesbian film festival came forward with the usual public victimization and accusations of homophobia. Activists have contacted De Mari's editor seeking her dismissal. Lesbian website Lezpop called her "an oppressor trying to portray herself as a victim, who doesn't even seem to care about the fact that she risks to be expelled from the medical board."
Amidst all the outrage, not a single piece of evidence has been presented to counteract De Mari's studies.
Bombarded by the LGBT community and pressured by the press, the Board of Physicians initiated disciplinary proceeding against De Mari. Guido Giustetto, president of the Board, declared, "Personally, the affirmations of Dr. Silvana, whom I don't know, do not correspond to the view of the medical establishment. She herself recognizes she doesn't fit in."
Interviewed by liberal newspaper La Stampa, De Mari said she's unconcerned about the disciplinary proceedings, because "if you say what you really think about homosexuality, about pedophilia, you're out."
"The homosexuals are the new Aryan race," she said. "It's forbidden to say anything against them; we are not allowed to criticize them. Gay people want more and more — first marriage, then adoption. It's contagious."
She's stated many times on her blog she would rather die fighting for her beliefs in the signal battle of our times — the normalization of pedophilia, whose ties to homosexuality are becoming more and more evident — than ever back down.
"Pedophilia is expanding, and the victims are always younger and younger," she told Catholic daily La Croce. "The LGBT Cultural Circle of Rome is named after Mario Mieli, a supporter of pedophilia, necrophilia and coprophagy. Is it wrong of me to assume that everyone who frequents the circle approves these practices? That at the very least these practices certainly don't nauseate them?"
"Do you see what is happening today with our total indifference?" she asked. "Mankind has gone from papal infallibility to the infallibility of the American Psychiatric Association. If they establish that homosexuality isn't a disorder of nature, they can very well establish that neither is pedophilia."
"[It's' false to say the LGBT lobby fights for the rights of homosexuals," she continued, "and that's demonstrated by their indifference to homosexual persecution in Islam. The welfare of homosexuals is not their battle. Their battle is to destroy Christianity."
"The powerful are using the LGBT movement to destroy Christianity and leave room for Islam," she insisted. "I've never believed in the normality of homosexuality, but I believed in the inevitability of certain behaviors, and I thought it'd be correct to let everyone live as they wished without criticisms. Why have I changed my mind? Because the LGBT movement is persecuting Christians."
The president of the LGBT Cultural Circle Mario Mieli declared that the group is "taking legal action" against Silvana "because she has attacked the associates of our organization and all homosexual and transgender people of this country."
Mario Mieli promoted pedophilia and enjoyed cross-dressing
Mario Mieli was a leading Marxist figure in the Italian gay rights movement in the 1970s who committed suicide at age 30.
"We revolutionary faggots know how to view in the child not only Oedipus, the future Oedipus, but also the potentially free human being," Mieli wrote in his work Elements of a Homosexual Critique. "We, yes, we can love children. We can desire them erotically responding to their longing of Eros, we can seize them with open arms and face the inebriating sensuality they lavish, we can make love to the."
For a few weeks De Mari was spared from constant public scrutiny, and she went on as normal with her writing and her public talks, focusing especially on LGBT indoctrination in Italian schools and on the implications of the recent landmark ruling by the Judiciary College of Torino, who gave full parental rights to a couple of homosexual men over their two surrogate children. Then on mid-March De Mari returned to the public eye, as newspaper Corriere della Sera solemnly announced she was being investigated for "instigating social hatred."
De Mari's lawyer, Gianfranco Amato, president of pro-life association Jurists for Life, wrote a statement clarifying that neither he nor his client had received a notice of investigation.
"What actually happened is that LGBT activists presented a petition to the Public Prosecutor's Office," he explained. "If they are going to open an investigation, this is something else. The accusations described by Corriere's article are nothing but the hypothesis of the LGBT organization's lawyer."
Not long after, Amato's website was hacked and remained down for several hours.


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