Italy: Blasphemous ‘Immaculate Contraception’ Event Banned at School

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  December 7, 2019   

Leftists lash out at Bologna University for canceling event

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BOLOGNA, Italy ( - Leftwing students are outraged after the University of Bologna banned a blasphemous Feast of the "Immaculate Contraception" event organized by LGBT student associations on the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Poster advertising blasphemous event

The poster advertising the event features a picture of the Madonna surrounded not by angels but by colored packets of condoms falling from Heaven.

Profaning the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Antifa-led students claimed they would discuss "the consequences of unprotected sex by a young Mary of Nazareth."

"This year, to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Contraception, we want to help students know about the thousand possibilities of sex, of its different forms of pleasure and its risks when not protected or not aware," La Mala educación, one of the student bodies organizing the event, posted on its Facebook page.

The post called Mary "the woman in the most famous polyamorous relationship of all time that had 'even' a child out of wedlock."

"Maybe even Mary would appreciate" the celebrations, "But then, we don't want to reproduce, right?" chorused the students at the oldest university in the Western world.

The provocative event targeted Catholic teaching on sexuality as well as conservative politicians like former deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and the Northern League’s pro-family and pro-life senator Simone Pillon.

Senator Simone Pillon and Prime Minister Matteo Salvini

The student bodies "invite you to go wild" against Salvini and Pillon, "who would like to limit the choices on our bodies and our lives. There is no room for fascist, racist, homophobic, patriarchal, sexist and killjoy behavior," Bologna University's LGBT activists insisted.

Pillon, a practicing Catholic, said it was "good news" that Bologna University had canceled the "blasphemous event of the red collectives."

"After offending millions of Catholics and uttering blasphemies of all kinds, these extreme left-wing 'democrats' also have the audacity to complain that they have been treated with 'censorship, bigotry and repression' and continue to insult the Virgin Mary, believing they are masters of satire," he noted.

"Guys, maybe it will be better to leave the saints alone and study," said Pillon. "Che Guevara's blasphemies and t-shirts are not very useful for creating a culture."

LGBT students attacked Bologna University's Student Office for "its bond with reactionary and neo-fundamentalist rightwing forces," noting that the university had agreed to provide free contraception after the student council voted in favor of it.

"We would like to say to Pillon that until proven otherwise, we live in a secular Republic, and therefore everyone has the constitutional right to freely express their opinion even on religious themes," the students insisted.

Salvini denounced the event as "not satire, but a shame."

Calling for the immediate intervention of the university rector, Luca Toccalini, deputy and federal coordinator of the Youth League, and Nicolò Malossi, provincial Youth League coordinator for Bologna, called it a "blasphemous feast" that mocks and humiliates the Madonna.

In a column for Il Giornale, commentator Giuseppe De Lorenzo observed that the Left was asking for respect for "everyone, Muslims, Buddhists, women, gays, lesbians, trans, but not Catholics."

The event was organized by Degeneriot, "a group that questions itself about gender, sexuality, bodies, relationships, stereotypes and social expectations," with student bodies Link, La Mala educación and Uni LGBTQ.

The evening was to include live music with a "queer rap from Bologna" followed by an "indecorous" DJ set in the Lab Deriva space inside the university buildings of Via Filippo Re.

Bologna Abp. Matteo Zuppi

The archdiocese of Bologna issued a press statement pointing out that "Italian law guaranteed freedom of thought, free circulation of ideas and public demonstration without harming and offending popular sensibility."

In a "secular state it also means that when we organize common moments of celebration or reflection they occur without bullying and offending. The Church will celebrate, with the usual popular participation, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Sunday December 8 without offending others and their beliefs," the statement said.

But Bologna's Abp. Matteo Zuppi has himself been described by homosexualist Jesuit Fr. James Martin as "a great supporter of LGBT Catholics," who "wrote the foreword for the Italian version of my book Building a Bridge."

Church Militant reported that Zuppi's appointment to the College of Cardinals by Pope Francis marked a radical shift in leadership in the archdiocese, a hotbed of leftist politics and LGBT activism.


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