Jab KO’s Military

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by Trey Blanton  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 11, 2021   

Walk-offs and fatal future

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Joe Biden is dropping the hammer on the American people by implementing oppressive vaccine mandates. Church Militant's Trey Blanton focuses on America's security now that the military is being crippled.

Dr. Lee Merritt: "Myocarditis has a significant five-year mortality rate — I think it's 66%. So with the vaccine program, we have extensively killed more of our young active-duty people than COVID did." 

Merritt, a former Navy surgeon, warns future military readiness will be hampered by Biden's campaign to force a dangerous, experimental drug on the country.

Many of America's top warriors are leaving the military to avoid a choice between punishment and violating their consciences.

Unnamed man on social media: "A dozen of the best pilots in the world, thousands of hours of training, millions of dollars of training — off the job."

Liberty Counsel has noted the mass exodus from the military and is assisting armed-forces members with exemptions to help them continue honorable service.

Roger Gannam, assistant vice president of legal affairs for Liberty Counsel: "But the bottom line is informing themselves as to what help is available, what substances they are being asked to take, but also getting that religious exemption request in as soon as possible."

The legality of Biden's mandates is dubious since the drug he's forcing is not the authorized jab.


There is no FDA-approved vaccine in a vial, in the hands of a doctor or medical provider, that anyone in the United States can get right now. And, so, it's really a farce; it's a myth that there is an FDA-approved vaccine currently available.

Future lawsuits against Pfizer will fail if everyone is forced to take the current so-called vaccine because emergency-use drugs are protected from litigation. Even if future booster shots are fully approved, it will be nearly impossible to prove whether the boosters or the current jabs cause future health complications.

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