Jay Is ‘Gay’ — And a Jesuit Wannabe

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by Jim Russell  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 8, 2019   

Gay Jesuit candidate attacks 'ideological militants'

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Sometimes, the homosexual subculture in the Church and among the clergy isn't content to slink in the shadows. Sometimes, it narcissistically demands center stage, and it seizes the limelight with a ferocity that is best viewed as an upside-down parody of what true virtue really is. One would be hard-pressed to find a more complete example of this kind of unintended parody than in the social media presence of Jesuit order candidate R. Jay Pearson.

Jay Pearson is as proudly and publicly "gay" as one can be.

"My name is Jay, I am a Greek Byzantine Catholic, I'm a candidate to become a Jesuit and I'm gay."

He has a YouTube channel; and he is on Twitter and Facebook. In a decidedly awkward turn of phrase, Jay posts his social media content under the handle of "Jay of Proceeding" based on the St. Ignatius-inspired "way of proceeding."

Sadly, Jay has truly lost his way, and he's "proceeding" on a journey of falsehood and risk. As a candidate for the Western Province of the Society of Jesus (though he has not stated yet whether as a future priest or future brother), Jay Pearson is an animated example of a misled soul who believes that being "gay" and being "out" means true freedom.

Jay has gone uber-public about all this in part to "speak out against some bishops as well as those among the ideological militants in the Church who are attempting to blame gay priests specifically and homosexuality generally for the sexual abuse crisis." Jay vigorously attacks the "scapegoating" of homosexual clergy he believes has been perpetrated by bishops like the late Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

Jay claims the core problem here is that these "IMs" (his term for "ideological militants") have a "perversely persisting, fundamental lack of understanding of what 'gay' actually is. There are, unfortunately, those who see 'gay' as just a sexual perversion unto itself, and that's wrong. And we know that's wrong; we've had decades of data to prove that."

Jay is content to speak for Christ. Jay thinks we should change Church teaching on homosexuality.

Jay says "we know" that "gay" is "not a perversion" because such boys and girls "knew they were gay" long before puberty. "It's just part of our diversity, it's part of our color, it's part of who we are." The real problem is that the "IMs" need "education" and "encounter" because ideological militants don't really know Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself can "enlighten" minds. Such minds are needed for the "wheel of change" that Jay insists the Church desperately needs.

You see, Jay's being "gay" is crucial to his freedom as imago Dei — image of God. He absolutely must let all people know he is "gay."

"As a candidate to be a Jesuit, this is key. ... [A]s a Catholic, I cannot be true to the Gospel if I am in a closet. ... I cannot be true to my ministry if I am in the closet."

This is, in fact, his "message" to bishops like Bishop Morlino and Archbishop Viganò, he says: "I am image of God, and you do not get to judge me."

But Jay is quite content to judge things for himself. He judges the term "same-sex attraction" as condescending. He judges that a "gay couple's" sexual relationship is "no one's business but theirs and God's." He judges "gay" to have nothing to do with sexual perversion or "deviancy or brokenness." And if you think it does, then the problem is with you and is "not only unfair and inappropriate, but it's grossly irresponsible, thoroughly un-Catholic and absolutely un-Christian."

Instead, "'gay' is a unique human trait" coming from "a God who loves variety." To be "out" as "gay Catholics" is "a celebration of our wholeness and our uniqueness."

"The ideological militants who are currently infesting the Church with their evil homophobia and their vitriolic, anti-gay sentiment? They don't speak for the Church, they do not speak for Christ," Jay says.

But Jay is content to speak for Christ. Jay thinks we should change Church teaching on homosexuality.

"Absolutely yes, I do. ... I join a lot of bishops who feel that the language ["objectively disordered"] ... should be scrapped. ... Those that write the teachings of the Church don't always get it right. ... We know now that [the homosexual inclination] is not objectively disordered. That is where the Church is absolutely and utterly wrong."

Jay says we shouldn't use a catechism "that men wrote" as our standard. Only Jesus — the Jesus that Jay thinks agrees with him — should be our standard.

Jay has more to say about those evil "ideological militants" who "could care less about helping people carry their crosses ... and are instead ... nailing them to their crosses." These "IMs" say "gay" means you're an "evil, sexual sinner ... because in their sickness they desperately need a scapegoat." Jay thinks they behave like an "addict under the influence who cannot be reasoned with at all."

Among these militants, Church Militant itself also falls under Jay's baleful reflection: Church Militant is a "danger to the Church" that must be spoken out against.

"What Church Militant does is evil. ... They trade in fear, and hate and extremism." Jay says Church Militant has "created this golden calf, their ideology, the god they actually worship." Jay says it's "totally bogus" that Church Militant hates sin but loves sinners.

Jay, who is a "top fan" on Fr. James Martin's Facebook page, even defends Martin as being "slandered" by Church Militant, saying that's "exactly what the religious leaders did to Jesus."

Finally, Jay claims Church Militant is a "cult" serving its own "perverted interests" by trying to call its "agenda and program 'good' and 'the will of God,' weaponize Scripture [and] employ inflammatory and provocative rhetoric to stir up the followers with false fervor."

But do not fear. Jay is here to virtuously "enlighten" us with true truth, not all this evil stuff he disagrees with.

And in no time at all — just years away — R. Jay Pearson could be a Jesuit priest or brother "ministering" somewhere near you.

Jim Russell lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and writes on a variety of topics related to the Catholic faith, including natural law, liturgy, theology of the body and sexuality. He can be reached by email at dearjimrussell@gmail.com.


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