Joe Biden and Theodore McCarrick

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  May 11, 2020   

China's accomplices

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BEIJING ( - Communist China's accelerated persecution of Christians is a glaring reminder that two U.S. Catholics have blood on their hands.

Secret video is exposing the violent sacking by Chinese officials of yet another Christian "house church" in the city of Xiamen located in China's southeastern province of Fujian. During the raid on May 3, officers provided no warrant while men and women were beaten and later detained.

Xi Jinping and Joe Biden (August 2011)

Two Americans bear great responsibility for emboldening Marxist China. Both have been accused of sexual molestation, and both call themselves Catholic.

One is disgraced former Cdl. Theodore McCarrick, seen as the architect behind the China-Vatican accord. The other is former Vice President Joe Biden, whose pro-China policies have earned him the name of "Beijing Biden."

Both McCarrick and Biden resided in Washington when they helped build support for China while ignoring China's gross human rights violations. Religious persecution aside, China's notorious one-child policy was responsible for exterminating 350 million unborn babies since it was introduced in 1979. China's recent two-child policy still includes forced abortions of girls.

Yet during his visit to China in February 2016, McCarrick ignored such violations, instead praising China's president for advancing social justice policies.

"I see a lot of things happening that would really open many doors because President Xi and his government is concerned about things that Pope Francis is concerned about," said McCarrick, asserting the two leaders possessed a similar mindset on issues like "the care of poor, older people, children, our civilization and especially the ecology."

While forced abortions remain common in China, religious persecution is accelerating. What started with demolishing churches and shrines beginning in February 2018 only ramped up after the Vatican signed a secret agreement with Chinese authorities in September 2018.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, told Church Militant in July 2019 that the Vatican-China agreement was disastrous for faithful Catholics in the authentic underground Catholic Church. "The situation is pretty much worse" he said of post-accord times, explaining:

Before there was an agreement, there was a kind of compromise on many points; for example, the underground Church could have their church buildings and the underground priests, even in the cities, could say Masses for the faithful, even though the law is against that. But the authorities, for a long time, never enforced those laws. Now, they enforce those laws. So, it is a much harsher persecution after the agreement; it is terrible.

Cdl. Joseph Zen

According to China expert Steven Mosher, McCarrick was a key figure in negotiating this secret deal between the Vatican and China.

"Can you imagine a worse person to negotiate a deal like this," said Mosher, "someone who is more compromised and more easily compromised by who knows what happened in China?"

During the 2000s as archbishop of Washington, McCarrick became the first Western cardinal to visit the Chinese mainland since diplomatic ties were severed in 1951 over Beijing's policy to end papal authority over the Catholic Church in China.

During a series of eight trips, McCarrick met with the heads of China's State Administration for Religious Affairs and the Bishops' Conference of the Catholic Church in China — a group not recognized by the Vatican.

The situation is pretty much worse.

Mosher said China's ruling body warmly embraced McCarrick.

But he was fêted by — he was celebrated by — the Chinese Communist Party. He was treated like a visiting dignitary. He was the first Catholic prelate ever to be interviewed, and his interview [was] published in The Global Times. So to the extent that he had a hand in this deal, we know at the outset that it was tainted.

While McCarrick was building religious support for China, fake Catholic Biden was building political support for communist China. Beginning in the 1990s, then-Sen. Biden aided China in obtaining its most-favored-nation trade status during his term as senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He did so while ignoring the country's horrific record on human rights.

Biden also helped China in the 1990s join the World Trade Organization (WTO) by carefully leading the Marxist nation through the process as an influential senator. He bulldozed roadblocks including attempts to tie China's economic status to its violations on human-rights or labor conditions. An example of this was when Biden voted down a measure and lobbied fellow senators to do likewise.

Few are now surprised regarding revelations that Joe Biden's son, Hunter, received a $1.5 billion "loan" from the Bank of China while his father was vice president under Barack Obama.

But these are not unexpected coming from a self-proclaimed Catholic who supports abortion on demand, so-called same-sex marriage and has declared there are "at least three" genders.

As China continues to shed the blood of Christians, it's becoming increasingly evident that McCarrick and Biden are accomplices in China's crimes.

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