Joss Whedon’s Abortion Video Doesn’t Show Everything

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  May 19, 2017   

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Joss Whedon, renowned for writing and directing some of the most compelling movies and television shows in the last decade, is making headlines for releasing a propaganda video for Planned Parenthood (PP).

In the face of losing many millions of dollars in funding, PP is asking for "a lot more superheroes right now," playing on the idea that Whedon has made movies about superheroes. "So, Joss Whedon used his superpower: He made a powerful and chilling short film, UNLOCKED, about what people's lives could look like without Planned Parenthood," the organization opines. It adds, "Did we say it was chilling? Yeah. Very."

He presents us with a quick, emotion-laden view into the lives of three women who, at first, live in a world where there is no PP. The first is a woman in a hospital bed, dying from breast cancer. The second is a girl in high school, discovering that her friend had sex with a boy who has a sexually transmitted disease, and the third is a college-age girl, discovering she has been accepted to a college with a full scholarship but she is also pregnant.

The drama plays out pretty thick with lots of slow and solemn music, frowning and crying in a blue and forlorn world where the PP door is locked. No mammograms, people laden with sexually transmitted diseases and no opportunity for a woman to live her full life on her own terms.

But things change when they give a tug at the door, and it opens. The music is upbeat, the colors warm up and everybody is smiling. You see a clean, bright PP facility, young people getting educated about "safe sex" and the now college-bound young lady on birth control with her parents smiling proudly at her.

Cree Erwin-Shepard died of a botched abortion
on July 4, 2016

Whedon, normally a very thorough filmmaker who is very fond of plot twists, sadly leaves his audience there. Clearly, there is more to PP he is leaving totally untreated.

What about the scene where a woman is having a late-term abortion with the abortionist ripping an unborn baby apart piece by piece with a pair of forceps?

What about the PP directors who haggle over the price of the baby parts they have just harvested?

What about PP executives, like Cecile Richards, who make over $1 million per year to keep a business going that offers services that women can get anywhere else and has actually lied about what PP actually provides?

What about PP directors joking about having so many dead baby bodies to dispose of, they want to drive to the country and burn them because the facilities sewer lines are clogged with corpses?

What about babies "accidentally" born alive and left to die?

What about the scene where a woman is driven away in an ambulance or better yet how about when PP employees refuse to call an ambulance for a botched abortion?

What about the mothers who die agonizing deaths days after having their uterus perforated in abortion procedures?

Dr. Ulrick Klopfer, an Indiana abortionist with
nearly 1,500 complaints against him including
not reporting the rape of minors.

What about the abortion mill escorts who call in false reports to the police on pro-lifers, causing them years of legal trouble?

What about the scene with the abortionist, drinking or stoned in his office or is at home putting a gun to his wife's head? Or the abortionist who keeps dead babies in his trunk, conducts illegal abortions and distributes drugs illegally?

What about the abortionist who has skirted the law for decades, even covering up for the rape of underage girls by telling them to get abortions in states that don't have mandatory reporting laws?

What about the women who are haunted and horrified for the rest of their lives at the thought they — the bringers and vessels of life — have destroyed the very reason for their womanhood?

What about the over 50 millions Americans who never known the love of an embrace, a sunrise, a tasty treat, the thrill of success or the crushing defeat of a setback?

What about society having lost out on the skills and personalities of millions of artists, musicians, writers, teachers, statesmen, business owners, inventors and innovators?

Sadly, there are no plot twists like those above in Whedon's latest video, and he shows himself to be the horrible human being that he actually is. He commented on May 17, that anybody who attempts to "shut down" PP is "committing an act of evil," calling it "not just inhumane — it's inhuman." He added, "I just wanted to remind those of us with some humanity still stirring how much is at stake."​

Yes, everything is as stake.


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