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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 31, 2020   

Pro-life governors’ orders overturned

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Federal judges in Alabama, Ohio and Texas have ruled that abortion mills can stay open during the Wuhan virus pandemic. This, even as non-essential businesses are being ordered to shut their doors.

The state of Ohio, under Republican Gov. Mike Dewine, tried to ban killing unborn babies during the virus lockdown, arguing abortion is a non-essential procedure.

But in a ruling Monday, Senior U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett — a George W. Bush appointee — stated, "The law is well-settled that women possess a fundamental constitutional right of access to abortions."

Barrett put it in the hands of Ohio abortion mills to decide for themselves which procedures are essential, or which can be delayed for the time being to better allocate medical resources.

A similar pro-life order was issued in Alabama, but U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson — nominated decades ago by Jimmy Carter — has put the order on hold, as further arguments are heard in court.

In Texas, Planned Parenthood appears to have suffered a major setback, however.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had issued his own order, making it illegal to perform an abortion during this pandemic. But this, too, got booted Monday, by federal Judge Lee Yeakel — another George W. Bush appointee.

However, just one day later, the U.S. Fifth Circuit court reversed that lower court ruling — reinstating the governor's ban on abortions in the lone star state as long as the pandemic continues.

Texas Right to Life President Jim Graham says this is further evidence of how important it continues to be for President Trump's judicial nominees to ascend to the federal circuit courts.

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