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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 5, 2017   

An update on Julie Muir

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Sunday saw a first in Julie Muir's long road to recovery: She attended Holy Mass.

Ever since Julie's hospitalization in January, after a routine outpatient procedure went terribly wrong and she was brought to the edge of death, through the grace of God and thousands of prayers of the faithful she has been slowly experiencing recovery. Although it's been an arduous road, there have been many points of light along the way.

Among them are little milestones, like Julie's ability to bring food to her mouth, her improved memory and speech, and her increased mobility and alertness. Although she remains bedridden and can only move about when pushed in a wheelchair, recent surgery and intensive physical therapy are working on getting her to walk again.


Julie regularly receives Holy Communion from a priest close to the family, but this past Sunday, she had the great joy of experiencing for the first time in almost 10 months the ability to experience the Mass at her home parish, Our Lady of the Assumption Grotto in Detroit, Michigan.

As she was wheeled into the quiet interior of the church, her first words were, "I love the smell of incense."

Her husband Kevin, who has been a rock throughout this ordeal, storming Heaven with prayers on her behalf, took her to the front section of the pews, where her seven-year-old son Kevin sat waiting. When he saw his mother, he came up to her and kissed her on the face tenderly, and sat next to her.

For the first time since Julie's accident, all three were able to sit together as a family at Mass.

Kevin summed up the gratitude he and his family feel towards God for His many blessings along this path to recovery:

We are moving forward with confidence and gratitude that God will heal Julie, guide the efforts of her caregivers, multiply the power and effects of continued prayers, and sustain my efforts to plan for and support Julie’s continued care and recovery.

There is one question for which no answer is yet apparent: "When will God heal Julie fully?" No one knows the answer to this question, or even if it's the right question, but I do know that we are called to pray without ceasing, to step out in faith for the miraculous to occur, and to not become discouraged or lose heart, no matter what.

Do I still believe God will fully heal and restore Julie, curing her of infirmities caused directly or indirectly by man, and which man, alone, cannot fully provide a remedy?

I do.


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