Jury Orders Planned Parenthood to Pay $3 Million to Whistleblower

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by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 20, 2019   

Mayra Rodriguez says abortion giant wrongfully fired her in 2017 for complaining of unethical practices

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PHOENIX (ChurchMilitant.com) - A former Planned Parenthood director was awarded $3 million on Aug. 16 in a wrongful termination suit.

Mayra Rodriguez was director of Planned Parenthood Arizona, overseeing three locations in the state. She worked for the abortion giant for 17 years, even winning an "employee of the year" award in 2016.

But in October 2017, Rodriguez was fired after she raised concerns about falsified documents, one abortionist's high rate of post-abortion medical complications, a co-worker's failure to report on an underage girl seeking an abortion whose male partner was legally an adult and other glaring issues she observed at work.

She filed a suit accusing Planned Parenthood of wrongfully firing her. Now, after a two-week trial, a jury has unanimously ordered the abortion company to pay Rodriguez $3 million.


On the news of the verdict, Rodriquez emphasized that her chief concern was the way Planned Parenthood treats its clients. She claimed, "My main goal here is to care about women."

Planned Parenthood expressed disappointment at the ruling, stating, "We believe the evidence was compelling that it was our former employee's failure to follow organization rules and procedures, which are designed to protect both patients and the public, that led to her dismissal."

Rodriguez is an illegal immigrant, a fact which the abortion company used in defense of her firing. But Rodriquez claims her employers were aware of her immigration status when they hired her back in 2000.

She commented, "Planned Parenthood publicly states they want to help and stand up for immigrants, that they care about these women, but it's not true. They shamed me for my immigration status."

"But here we are," she added. "The jury heard the truth."

Rodriquez further stated, "I hope my case is a lesson to other workers that shows them that the truth will prevail. I also hope my case is a lesson to employers who abuse their power: sometimes the underdog wins and justice will be done."

Her attorney did not ask for a specific dollar amount in the suit. It was members of the jury who decided on $3 million during their deliberation.

Pro-life non-profit And Then There Were None (ATTWN) helps abortion workers leave the industry. It has also helped Rodriguez with her case against Planned Parenthood.

ATTWN's founder and director, Abby Johnson — herself a former Planned Parenthood director — commented, "I've stared down Planned Parenthood in court. I know how hard it is watching your friends lie about you."

"It's always good to take down Planned Parenthood," Johnson continued, "but it's not without hurt."

Planned Parenthood publicly states they want to help and stand up for immigrants, that they care about these women, but it's not true. They shamed me for my immigration status.

In other news, Planned Parenthood withdrew from Title X federal funding on Monday due to a restriction on abortion. By doing so, the abortion giant is losing $60 million in taxpayers' money.

Title X funds provide artificial contraception for low-income women; but a new rule from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declares, "None of the funds appropriated under this title shall be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning."

Pro-abortion activists have characterized the new rule as an "abortion gag order."

Pro-lifers have celebrated the move as an important step toward the complete defunding of Planned Parenthood.

For instance, Catherine Glenn Foster of Americans United for Life said to LifeNews, "It's a great day for women's health in America. Planned Parenthood is America's deadliest nonprofit, and the news that they're refusing to accept taxpayer funds to target vulnerable women is a good thing for women's health."

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