Kavanaugh Blasts Senators: ‘Confirmation Process Has Become a National Disgrace’

by David Nussman  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 27, 2018   

Complains about Democrats politicizing it to oppose his nomination

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WASHINGTON (ChurchMilitant.com) - U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh blasted Senate Democrats for their smear campaign against him.

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard on Thursday from Brett Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, and later in the day from the Supreme Court nominee himself.

During his opening statement, Kavanaugh blasted the committee, saying, "This confirmation process has become a national disgrace."

"There has been a frenzy on the Left to come up with something, anything, to oppose my nomination" Kavanaugh said.

About 40 minutes into his opening statement, Kavanaugh said, "We never expected that it would devolve into this. Explaining this to our daughters has been the worst experience of our lives."

At one point, Kavanaugh noted that one of his daughters convinced the other that they should pray for the woman accusing their father.

He closed his speech by saying emphatically, "I am innocent of this charge."

I am innocent of this charge.

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) asked Kavanaugh about the other women's allegations that have been made public since Ford's allegation was leaked. Kavanaugh repeated his denial of all of them, saying, "The Swetnick thing is a joke! That is a farce!"

This was a reference to the allegation by Julie Swetnick, who claims she watched a teenaged Kavanaugh "drink excessively and engage in highly inappropriate conduct, including being overly aggressive with girls and not taking 'No' for an answer."

The Democrats tried to score political points by asking Kavanaugh about his drinking habits in high school, his high school yearbook and other minutiae.

At one point during the proceedings, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) gave a fiery rant about the Democrats' grandstanding and lack of professionalism.

"This is the most unethical sham since I've been in politics," Graham said.

"What you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020," Graham continued. "You're looking for a fair process? You came to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend."

The senator from South Carolina added, "This is not a job interview, this is Hell."

This is not a job interview, this is Hell.

Earlier in the day, the Judiciary Committee interrogated Kavanaugh's accuser, Ford.

The Republican senators all gave their five-minute time slots for questioning Ford over to "outside counsel" Rachel Mitchell, a sex crimes prosecutor from Arizona. They did the same for questioning Kavanaugh.

Mitchell methodically asked Ford about concrete details surrounding the case.

Graham praised Mitchell's performance in a press scrum during a recess. Contrasting her methodical rigor with the political grandstanding of the Democrats, Graham commented on Mitchell's behavior, "From my point of view, I'm pleased with what I saw."

--- Campaign 31876 ---

The Democrats kept repeating their call for an FBI investigation. They repeated this during the hearings with Kavanaugh as well.

Multiple Democrat senators on the Judiciary Committee flattered Ford for having the courage to come forward.

New York Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal told Ford, "I believe you."

Riffing off of Ford's job of teaching, Blumenthal waxed poetically, "You have given America a great teaching moment."

"You have inspired and you have enlightened America," he added.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) likewise praised Ford for "courage."

Recently, Hirono's campaign staff used the allegations against Kavanaugh to raise money in a campaign email. A follow-up email apologized for this rhetoric.

The follow-up email contained a message from "Hirono Staff," and simply stated, "A fundraising message was sent this morning in error. We apologize sincerely for the error. All contributions that were made on this page will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault."


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